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LINQ to SQL Entity Base - Disconnected LINQ

LINQ to SQL Entity Base is a simple base class that is primarily designed to support LINQ to SQL in a disconnected way, which is one of the shortcomings of the LINQ to SQL technology at the present time. This is highly useful in an n-Tier, distributed or ASP.NET environment ...


LINQ2SQL extensions provides an alternative model for for building data layer components using LINQ to SQL. This model enables the development of richer entity classes, reduces the number of entity classes instantiated and reduces the volume of data reads.

DotNetNuke Linq to Sql Model Adapter

A DataContext adapter allowing DotNetNuke modules using Linq to Sql to automatically apply an end user's database owner and object qualifier at runtime. This project enables a commercial DotNetNuke module development path for those who wish to leverage Linq to Sql.

Dblinq2007 - LINQ provider for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ingres, SQLite, Firebird and ... SQL Serve

Welcome to DbLinqLINQ provider for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ingres, SQLite, Firebird and ... SQL Server (C# 3.0)DbLinq is THE LINQ provider that allows to use common databases with an API close to Linq to SQL. It currently supports (by order of appearance): MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Ingres, Firebird... And still SQL Server. News2010-04-16: DbLinq 0.20.1 has been released 2010-04-09: DbLinq 0.20 has been released 2009-12-18: DbLinq 0.19 has been released 2008-10-08: Firebird support is

MooiNooi MVC2LINQ2SQL Web Databinder

mvc2linq2sql is a databinder for ASP.NET MVC that make able developer to clean bind object from HTML FORMS to Linq entities. Even 1 to N relations (with EntitySet<>), and manage automatically collections: Adding, Updating and Editing entitySet from UI Html form... :)

Linq Alias Generator

Linq Alias Generator will automatically create "friendly" alias names for database column names commonly used in Linq2SQL. Currently let's say you have a column in your table called product_name - well that's a pretty crappy name to use in code. LAG will change the name to Pr...

Bals - An ASP.Net MVC based bookmarking website

An ASP.Net MVC based bookmarking website. Using Linq2SQL. TO DO Ajax Login Custom url for user - done Search link using tags

Timetrackerdemo - Demo application for tracking timesheet entries

This app is a showcase of using the Microsoft Sync Framework for ADO.NET (CTP2 at the time of this writing). It will also use LINQ to SQL and WPF. The initial version is designed as a quick demo, while a later version is designed to be more of an enterprise application.


myBookmarks is an attempt to learn and build a simple web2.0 application using ASP.NET MVC,Linq to SQL and JQuery.I have tried to keep the code simple but at the same time follow the mvc best practices.Live demo is hosted at Also a learning resource.....