PC Fare Meter

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The computer equivalent of a taxi cab fare meter. Clocks your time, what you've been working on and adds up how much $ you should charge clients. http://projecttimer.sf.net/




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Myfocus - Project management application for my own use in wxPython

MyFocusThis application is modeled after another project management application called kfocus (http://kfocus.sourceforge.net/). Nothing has been done in kfocus since 2001 and I really liked the authors philosophy on project management and the application's interface. After attempts to contact the author got nowhere, I struck out on my own. Since my knowledge of Qt is extremely limited, I emulated kfocus in wxPython so that I could use my version on nix & Windows. LatestI haven't done much with t

Gwt-projecttimer - Project Timer

ProjectTimer A Project Timer build with GWT - GWTP - Ext GWT - GAE FeaturesProtecting against XSRF attacks (GWTP) Intuitive user interface (Ext GWT) Cross browser compatibility No registration needed - use your Google account. Planned FeaturesOpenID authentication Offline support? DemoCheck out the demo: http://gwt-projecttimer.appspot.com Login with your google account and enjoy! Please be aware that gwt-projecttimer will store your user for subsequent processing, your data (see what data is st

Timesheetmanagement - Timesheet Management System

TMS is a free open source JEE based web application designed to keep track of the hours worked on various tasks assigned to employees. It allows employees to log in system and manage the times worked on various tasks. It provide managers to configure tasks and assign it to various resources, Individuals -\tCapture time against business activity & project -\tProject schedules and work assignments -\tLog notes and issues Management -\tManage and plan project tasks -\tOptimize and manage resource c


A simple micro site to assist web developers (and others) track the time they spend on deliverables


A simple micro site to assist web developers (and others) track the time they spend on deliverables


Usually when you programming you sometimes have to switch between projects. Each project of course has own redmine, or other time record system. I could not bear the fact that I have to write this hours on paper, or something like that.