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Projectory is a platform-independent, web-enabled project management tool designed to track software projects through all phases of development.



Related Projects

Koldcrm - A simple collaborational CRM solution

The aim of the project is to create a simple collaborational CRM solution for small and middle-sized businesses in a large variety of project-oriented industries (mainly IT). Under the term 'collaborational CRM system' we mean a software system that allows the customer to directly participate in project development and to influence the structure, design, quality, price and other aspects of the product. The purpose of the system is to give the customer a closer view of project development process


ProjectButler is a distributed multi-user project management software, especially designed for project-oriented companies, and written in PHP4 using MySQL.

Grubyware - Groupware to manage and perform tasks needed in a software project. Based on Ruby on Rai

grubyware...... tries to be a simple project management web platform, with the intention to enable the user to attend to basic tasks needed in small software projects, like discuss on different topics with other team members, report software defects and plan workpackages. The whole platform is being realised in an 11 week project at the University of Applied Sciences in Zweibrücken, Germany. The four-headed team did not have any experience with the "Ruby on Rails"-Framework before the project s

Lua-deimos - A web-based Lua code editor

Deimos is a simple web-based, project-oriented code editor for Lua Scripts and Lua Pages. It features links on comments based on keywords and cenaries.

projector - Project-oriented Emacs

Project-oriented Emacs

faux - A project-oriented file manager

A project-oriented file manager

taggist.vim - Project-oriented tags auto-updater for vim

Project-oriented tags auto-updater for vim


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