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This project is used by SourceForge.net staff to generate uniform screenshots of the SourceForge.net site, which are included in the Site Documentation for SourceForge.net.




Related Projects

Hdreventicms - Event-, information-, contentmanagementsystem

EventICMS is a contentmanagementsystem specifically designed for supporting the informationflow of small/mediumsized event organisations. Can also be used as a generic content management system. The letters hdr in the projectname are the initials of the original author (Hans de Raad), in time, this project will (hopefully) grow out to be an open-source based collaboration of more than one enthousiastic person.

Centipede - tapdancing WSGI feet

Centipede is a collection of WSGI middleware with a simple decorator based router. It's strength is that it models the technology in use and tries not to confuse developers with complex patterns and tricks. It is what I use to stack my rest services these days. It makes use of webob, virtualenv, urlrelay and mako. Prerequisites: python 2.4+ easy_install mercurial Installation: $ hg clone https://centipede.googlecode.com/hg/ projectname$ python bootstrap.py --no-site-packages .$ source bin/activa

Airbaseproject - basic Adobe AIR new project structure, with some nice percs

This is just a copyable project directory structure with some handy reference files, and some javascript libraries. It assumes you will be using jQuery. included: license directory with webloc file: !www.opensource.org/licenses base CSS typography and general settings documentation: AIR for JS Dev's — Pocket Guide.pdf webloc for Adobe AIR Language Reference for HTML Developers webloc for !docs.jquery.com/Main_Page webloc for javascript basics: !en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JavaScript_syntax web

Poseman - Pose manager for Autodesk Maya 2011

OverviewPoseMan is a tool to manage characters (any objects) poses in Maya (2011) writed in Python With PoseMan you could create poses and organize them in projects, sections and groups. A project could be several characters divided into parts (sections) and use groups to organize poses. For example: ProjectName: MyShortFilm Sections (tabs): Nemo, Bruce, Merlin Groups: Inside each section: Head, Body, Face, Hands, etc.. You can use project, sections and group however you want, another example or

Geoext-viewer - Development for the Open Geo Viewer (Heron-MC)

AboutThe Heron Mapping Client or Heron MC provides an extensible browser-based mapping client. The main goal of this project is to make it easy to create web mapping applications like viewers for maps and editors for geodata. Note: the project-name "geoext-viewer" is still here since the project started under that name. The official/main website for this project is http://heron-mc.org. This Google Code site is related to all of the Heron MC development. See an introductory presentation of Heron

Accost - Accost是一个基于werkzeug的web开�框架

该项目已被转移到bitbucket下,请访问:https://bitbucket.org/tensiongyb/accost Accost是一个基于werkzeug的web开�框架 Accost 支�google appengine,采用accost框架的appengine应用有: http://karavin-web.appspot.com 安装easy_install http://accost.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/或者 easy_install accost开始创建一个新项目: python -m accost.initproject projectname 链接Accost架构 Accost用户手册 �项目asynwsgi http server


Django 1.4+ project template layout. Run: django-admin.py startproject --template=https://github.com/lincolnloop/django-layout/zipball/master --extension=py,rst project_name


merge "Chinese Did you mean..." and "Search as you type" project in one. As ProjectName means, this project supports "Did you mean..." feature in Chinese ( or any other language.) and intellisense when you key in search textbox.