Eclipse Template Project Creator

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Eclipse Plug-in with a wizard to create eclipse projects from a predefined template. Includes a template editor and a wizard to create templates from existing projects.



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Twkarma - Count twitter karma +1 -1 where people use #twkarma hashtag

Obsolete projectCreate a website where people can see the twitter karma for a user. ie;\\personname Trawl the search results from twitter where people have used #twkarma hashtag and an @reply. Only allow +1 -1 scoring.

Tax-invoice - invoice system

This is the private invoice project,crate by TT

Badges - Rails authorization plugin

Badges is an authorization plugin (as in "we don't need no stinking badges" It does not provide authentication capability, nor it's own User model, but instead is meant to work with other authentication plugins such as acts_as_authenticated or restful_authentication. You will need a User model, and the 'current_user' method to be implemented at the controller level using an include. Badges relies on the following domain model: A Privilege represents

Rguils - robust GUI automation library for Sikuli

RGUILS: Robust GUI Automation Library for Sikuli ro-gels = [roʊgəls] ra-gils = [rɑ:gɪls] RGUILS is a python library for robust GUI automation with Sikuli. It provides an object-oriented API to model GUI elements, such as sets of buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, windows and dialogue hierarchies for GUI automation and testing, all in a robust way. RGUILS enables you to write object-oriented APIs to automate any sequence of actions in complex graphical user interfaces robustly with relativel

Srijan-toolkit - An application development toolkit for the Internet of Things

OverviewInstallation and RequirementsEclipse installationATaG Feature InstallationSetup a new projectTask graph specificationF.A.Q.Does Srijan automatically deploy code for android Os?ReleasesTagging releases (X.Y.Z)LinksLicence (Last updated 07 Mar 2012) OverviewSrijan is an application development framework for the Internet of Things, which uses data-driven macroprogramming. It consists of mainly 2 software components. The Srijan library which visualizes the network, manages the code generatio

Spinningcube - Spinning cube demo using android ndk r4

Simple demo to load up shaders and spin a geometry. Requires OpenGL ES 2.0. Adapted from the gl2jni example from the ndk samples. Pre-requisites: 1. Android NDK release 4 2. Android API level 7 or above. Steps to build: 1. Build the shared library first. Go into the folder you've checked out your sources into and run ndk-build. 2. Import the project into Eclipse, if your environment is already set to build Android projects. Use the New->Android Project->Create Project from exi

Touch-my-kitchen - A application interface for touchscreens in the kitchen

Recently a creative gentlemen named Ryan built a kitchen computer on the request of his wife. He called the iPhone inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project the iKitchen. His creation went viral around the net and with that feedback he decided to create a forum to let other people come up with their own Touch Kitchen. One of the forum threads asked if anyone wanted to create a Touch Kitchen using Adobe AIR and that's where I came in. The ProjectCreate an AIR application to run in full screen on

Bicycleledpov - A bicycle visual LED artwork

Image (C) See the last activity on the project: read the development news; watch the recent changes on SVN; see the last messages on discussion group. IntroductionBicycle LED POV is an electronic LED bar to attach on bicycle wheels. When riding the bicycle, the LED bar will draw with light, text messages and image animations. Custom text messages and animations will be drawn on a PC software and downloaded using an USB cable. Goals of the projectcreate a Free/Open hardware, firmw

Rocks-solid - Rocks Solid - Extension to ROCKS cluster that make your cluster more solid!

NEWS14/2/09 - Rocks Solid 0.5 beta is released. You can download it from downloads page. This release featured ROCKS5 support Torque support (scheduler = torque). Also, PBSPro partial support (scheduler = pbs). No hard dependency on SQLAlchemy anymore. You can safely ignore all foundation-*.rpm (if you don't want accounting part) Database schema change. Now cluster-powersave is separated into cluster-powersave (green computing) and cluster-status-acct (node status accounting tool) cluster-reset-