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Developing bulk mail system storing email information



Related Projects

Thumbnail me

Thumbnail me is a free and open source thumbnails generator built on movie thumbnailer. Thumbnail me is coded in C++ and uses the Qt 4.8.0 library. This software is actually available on Windows Xp / 2k3 / 2k8 / Vista / 7 x86/x64 and Linux x86/x64. Source Code : Source Documentation :

Mad4jtoys - simple examples of java projects

This project contains a bundle of java implementation of classic algorithms and problems (i.e. graph algorithms, knight tour problem, ...) Goblin4kRemake of the glorious Goblin, a Commodore Vic20 game, using the Java4k coding rules. JPongRemake of the classic Atari game.

K2lisp - lisp interpreter implementation in C by 2000 (2k) lines.

This project try to implement lisp interpreter in C by lines equal or less than 2000!!! The goal is subset of Common-Lisp (Hyper-Spec). latest k2lisp supports following special-operator: progn/if/block/return-from/tagbody/go/let/let-/flet/labels/multiple-value-call/macrolet In future, we will try to implement k3lisp, k4lisp... as extension of k2lisp.

Collections-visualization - Graphic visualization to standard collections (Queue, Stack, Binary-Tree

(This Project is under development) The original need to this project, was the visualization of the "unit4" (K12 CS teaching program of Data-Structures in Israel). This package may be use for any purpose, mainly as a teaching-aid for novices. This project has both Java & C# code.

Open-unit4 - Open-Source High-Schools CS Unit4 Implementation & Tools

(This Project is in Development stage) This Project is for the use of teachers & students, in high-schools use the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) "unit4" (Data-Structures) code library. It contains some implementations for the standard classes, and some useful tools for teachers & students - for teaching usage.

Nexus-s-ovc - Reading OVC (Mifare Classic 4k) with Nexus S

This project aims to Read the dutch travel card, know as the 'OV-Chipkaart' (or OVC for short), using a Google Nexus S phone.

4k demos

Primary goal is to develop 4k-demos, that is, demos that somehow fit into four kilobytes. From time to time, 4k-contests will be initiated to push the project contributors' motivation.

Erlangmc - EMC: Erlang MemCached Client

DescriptionEMC (Erlang MemCached Client) is a simple wrapper of the memcached library 'libmemcached' created by TangentOrg. EMC provides an Erlang/OTP API to allow the connection to memcached servers from Erlang applications. FeaturesSet, get & multi-get operations of any valid Erlang term. Increment & decrement operations. Delete & flush operations. Access to server's stats. Timed operations. Dynamic pool of reusable connections. Fully configurable via external text file. Built-in pluggable log

F4k-curriculum - XML based system for an informal science and mathematics curriculum.

F4k curriculum provides a way of organising the teaching and learning of science and mathematics. It uses an open-ended approach, mostly practical work and investigative projects. The target age-group of students is young (mostly pre-adolescant) children, so long as they are literate. Some projects will never be published as more than a very brief outline, nothing more than a heading for a brainstorming session. Others will be developed much further: their starting point is a set of aims and obj

Figitaki-repo - Repo for all of Figitaki's Projects.

WelcomeThis is the project for all of the projects that Figitaki will do. You can use it to find source code, learn about all of the projects, browse the wiki for how-to's and much more. Our MissionOur mission is to provide free software and support to better support our culture. To get more information about Figitaki join the channel #figitaki at or use this link http