Project Timewarp

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Project Timewarp will be a unique RPG made in SDL



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Server-side javascript service to generate Jasper report from XML data-source which is generated by FTLHow it works- create FTL which will be executed agains Alfresco repository that will produce XML data-source - create Jasper report using iReport and place it on repository - use Server-side alfresco javascript to execute FTL and execute alfresco-jasper-report service with provided jasper-report node Installationcopy jar libraries to your /alfresco/WEB-INF/lib/ folder alfrescoJasperReports.jar

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This project specifies a method to communicate by a JSON based protocol with CANopen or EtherCAT fieldbus devices. The software coming along demonstrates a Javascript based client and a Java servlet which represents a simulated DS 301 device. Main featuresfield bus device can carry its own commissioning tool with itself. Only an internet browser is required to "run" the tool. simple programming in Javascript low firmware overhead suited for 8 or 16 bit architectures

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