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Mary is a computerized therapist with english sentence parsing (determines the subject, verb and direct object of a sentence ~95% when all rules are in place), keyword recognition, user accounts with password protection and variable session lengths.



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Micrornadatabase - Final Project for Biological Databases

Final project for:- Mary Mittapalli- Andrew Shinohara- David Walburger

Hotmetaleditors - Making a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor that DOESN'T fill the HTML w/ unnessecary

We're the "Hot Metal"/"Editors", or group 2 from Software Engineering II (COSC 302) at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Our Project is a simple HTML editor that lets the user make a web page in either a WYSIWYG view, or looking directly at the HTML code. The program is being written in Visual C#.

Dormbase - DormBase

A web application, database management system project created for UPLB Mens' Residence Hall in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Computer Science 128 - Introduction to Software Engineering. Instructor: Mr. Rommel V. Bulalacao Members: Caronan, Jasmin Castro, Anyzza DC Dela, Cruz, Camille Dawn S Sanchez, Maverick S Tenerife, Luigi Mari B CMSC 128 AB-5L

Java-membership-protocol - A java implementation of a membership protocol using multicast

Abstractjmmp is a java implementation of a membership protocol using multicast. It also contains a distributed library that allows you to remotely run processes and a 3D GUI that displays the membership network using H3 algorithm. This project is an academic project for UPMC (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI) developed as a final project in our first year of master degree. AuthorsJulien Clement Philippe Esling Florent Weber

Facebook-athenaeum - Tools to extend library services to Facebook users through Facebook application

IntroductionFacebook Athenaeum provides libraries an easy to implement Facebook application to extend library resources to students in Facebook. The application is easily customized for your institution and includes an integrated RSS reader, search tools, and a friend locator that allows Facebook users to record their location in the library so their friends can find them. The project was developed at the Earl Gregg Swem Library at the College of William and Mary. DocumentationDownload the most

Chatapp - ChatApp is an XMPP chat application capable of doing VOIP also.

ChatAppChatApp is the final year project done by Cijoe James and Mary Ann. The objective of this project is to create an XMPP chat application capable of connecting to any XMPP server like Google Talk. There is also an intend to add VOIP capabilities to the client - though we are not sure how we are going to do this right now :-). ChatApp is a code name that we use, and the final version might have a different name. ChatApp is written in DotNet and uses the XMPP library, SoapBox form Coversant.

Compression-image-grol - compression d'image par reconnaissance de forme

In MASTER FIRST YEAR in Montpellier-II university, we must programe a image compressor, we don't decided tu use JPEG or GIF, we created the .grol format. the algorithm is simple: detect rectangles in Y, Cr or Cb masks. (Y U V) and we store there rectangles in a binary file. we can open this binary file to open and read the images. today this project sent to our responsibles, the user interface is the principal goal. because with this, we can, like photoshpo or the gimp, activate the interactive

Nachos-544-operating-systems - Build of Nachos Project Code for William and Mary CSCI 444 / 544 Oper

Project repository for perfecting Nachos code for OS Class. Working on Nachos with more than 2 people requires a lot of coordination and assholes who think they can do their own thing in their little corner of the office are often the ones who fuck shit up for everyone when the group starts to "integrate" that individual's code. Thus a mercurial repo that will bring up merge conflicts before said asshole screws things up is a valuable tool, also the group can be in sync throughout a dev cycle. I

Lazylpsolverlibs - link to lp solvers lazily

IntroductionThis project provides library replacements for cplex, gurobi, xpress: That are free That you can link to as a replacement for the original solver libraries That, under the hood, load the actual library solver so that you are provided with the exact functionality you are after. That allow you to check programmatically if your users have the targeted solver and to write workarounds if they do not. The libraries provided don't re-implement anything and the user still needs to obtain the