Project LSP

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Project LSP aims to create various scripts, plugins and useful programs for the Linux-based operating systems. LSP stands for quot;Linux Scripts and Pluginsquot;.



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Live-space-package-mover - Live Space Package Mover

Live Space Package Mover Missed the deadline for migrating Microsoft Live Space blog to WordPress. Luckily I downloaded the backup file from Live Space. But when I tried to import the backup file into my own wordpress blog, I found it is impossible. And had already removed the official convertor. Then I wrote this project, hope it is still useful for many people. If you still don't have the backup file of your Live Space blog, please go the following forum to get it: Windows Live S

Lucene-spatial-playground - Spatial Search for Apache Lucene

Playground to try spatial indexing approaches This project is now known as Spatial4JThe project formerly known as LSP is now named Spatial4J. That is half the story. At least half of LSP had nothing to do with Lucene and Solr. This half is a general purpose geospatial library largely centered around a set of shapes and related input/output and distance calculations. It is this piece that is named Spatial4J. The Apache Lucene / Solr geospatial indexing portions are in the process of being migrate

Liskov-substitution-principle-explained - Liskov Substitution Principle Explained

THIS PROJECT IS NOT READY YET. PLEASE COME BACK 3 MONTHS FROM NOW.The goal of this projectExplain: what is Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP), how we can implement our classes so that they don't violate it, when we benefit the most from it. Provide: useful examples when LSP is violated, examples when class hierarchy don't violate it, Java "API" for communicating to other developers substitution relation. Main benefits of applying LSPIn short: preventing subtyping-related bugs, class hierarchies