PROGRESS2XLS Progress Report

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PROGRESS2XLS is a program for Progress Character User Interface (CHUI) and GUI enviroment, which enables the user to export any standard progress-report to Excel without recoding anything in their program (for example we use mfgpro).



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Moodle-logger - This is a block for moodle which try to estimate activity of students.

This block try to give an estimated time of activity of users on moodle. A cron task is in charge of merging requests which are distant of some delta. ie if delta = 3 a log like: 15h02 REQUEST blabla 15h03 REQUEST blabla 15h03 REQUEST blabla 15h17 REQUEST blabla 15h20 REQUEST blabla becomes : 15h02 : 2minutes 15h17 : 3minutes You can set up an additionnal time if you want to consider that a connection last at least some amount of time. With this persistence set to 1 the log becomes : 15h02 : 3mi