Progress Inc

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'inc' scans Progress files for included files and programs. It looks for included files and programs to enable Progress developers to easily analyse their code dependencies.



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openSIS - Student Information System

openSIS is a student information system sponsored by Open Solutions for Education, Inc. Its features include Student Demographic, Goals and Progresses, Contact Information, Gradebook, Report Cards management, Health Records management, Attendance management, Parent Portal and lot more.

Dwpe - Code examples from the book Designing with Progressive Enhancement

This repository includes open-sourced code developed and maintained by Filament Group, Inc. as part of the book "Designing With Progressive Enhancement" (Peachpit). Those who purchase the book can access to all of the examples from the book at the following URL: More information on the book:

Ted4linux - Combining linux tools for Energy Inc's TED 100x series energy monitors

A project whose aim is facilitating the use of the TED 100x whole home energy monitors on linux based devices. Find out more about what progress we have made here: theWRTSL54GS

Enhancejs - EnhanceJS applies progressive enhancement to web pages based on capabilities testing.

EnhanceJS is a new Javascript framework designed to improve the application of Progressive Enhancement by first testing browser capabilities for key Javascript and CSS support before applying advanced styles and scripts to the page. An Introduction to EnhanceJS: Introducing EnhanceJS: A smarter, safer way to apply progressive enhancement Download the latest: EnhanceJS Downloads Documentation: EnhanceJS Basic Usage Configurable Options Integration tips Additional Tests Issues/Enhancements Enhance

Geecharts - Google Charts made easy

GeeCharts is a wrapper around Google Charts provided by Google Inc. When I first started working on Google Charts, the thing I noticed was that its a bit difficult to use in the beginning since the URL structure was not easy to learn. The basics were simple, but as you progressed to more complicated graphs, the difficulty increased. This project intends to simply build a binding for Google Charts. Its written in PHP and follows an Object Oriented approach in making it easy.

Mobilesiteos - Variable display size mobile website software using Perl, JavaScript, HTML5

MobileSiteOSâ„¢ BasicThe primary goal of this project is to advance the development of adjustable display size websites, sometimes called the "One Web". Since mobile and tablet devices come in many display configurations, we will explore the possibilities of providing more appropriately sized HTML5 output through the use of variable page size display, adapted for a user's particular device. This is sometimes referred to as 'mobile content adaptation'. Perl Mobile Website ScriptI call my process

Sruopensearch - Display SRU search results in a nice way

NOTICE from IRISSThis project is no longer maintained by IRISS as we have moved to a newer open source based system, if you would like any help/details with what we built (in drupal) please get in touch the new Learning Exchange is Some of the users have picked up the code and are occasionally hacking it for our own needs. SRU Open SearchThis project aims to provide a customisable search interface for displaying SRU formatted XML. This initial release targets Intralibrary

Crunch - Advanced DXT texture compression and real-time transcoding library

crunch is an open source (ZLIB license) lossy texture compression library and command line compression tool for developers that distribute and use content in the DXT1/5/N or 3DC/BC5 compressed mipmapped GPU texture formats. It consists of a command line tool named "crunch", a compression library named "crnlib", and a single-header file, completely stand alone .CRN->DXTc transcoder C++ class located in inc/crn_decomp.h. crnlib's results are competitive to transform based recompression approaches,

Dualityonline - Duality Online is a 2D MORPG Work In Progress

Duality Online is a 2D MORPG Work In Progress game using Vlad & Abell Storm's Vampyr Net Gaming RPGMaker VX scripts and RPGMakerVX. Duality Online is registered under Pineapple Inc. It's currently being remade until Spring 2010, so all downloads will be unavailable until then. Check out it's new, updated storyline!

Fimap - A little tool for local and remote file inclusion auditing and exploitation.

Welcome to the fimap project! fimap is a little python tool which can find, prepare, audit, exploit and even google automaticly for local and remote file inclusion bugs in webapps. fimap should be something like sqlmap just for LFI/RFI bugs instead of sql injection. It's currently under heavy development but it's usable. The goal of fimap is to improve the quality and security of your website. Do not use this tool on servers where you don't have permission to pentest! I am dead serious. I'm tryi