Profiler4j - Profiling made easy

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Profiler4j is a simple-to-use CPU profiler for Java that supports remote profiling and on-the-fly configuration.



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Jdbc-logger - JDBC logger

jdbc-logger is a simple JDBC logging library. Useful for development, debugging and profiling. Log Statement calls. Log SQL for PreparedStatement calls. Measure SQL execution time. Works with JDK logging, SLFJ4 and log4j. Simple Usage. Quickly enable and disable it. Single jar without dependencies.

Tuio4j - A TUIO client library for Java

What is TUIO4j ?TUIO4j is a java client library for the TUIO protocol. Installation instructionDownload and unzip Include tuio4j_v1.1.jar into your java class path. That's it. Have a look at in folder src/example to get started. FAQWhich TUIO providers can be used together with TUIO4j ? Since tuio is a standardized protocol, any compliant TUIO data source should work together with TUIO4j. TUIO4j v1.1 supports the profiles 2DCursors and 2DObjects (e.g. for fiducial

Scale4j - highly scalable domain oriented data-distributed platform

scale4j is open source project which built on top of well-known open source frameworks designed to help you develop high-performance data-distributed systems with minimal effort. You would wonder how easily and how quickly you can build enterprise level scale applications! Features: Maven 2 Integration Hazelcast Integration Spring Integration Hibernate Integration JPA2 Integration Hibernate Search Integration Hibernate Envers Integration Hibernate Metamodel Generator Integration Quartz Integrati

Janrain4j - An unofficial Java library for the Janrain API

Janrain is a great service to bridge the gap between your website and the social networks. Janrain makes it easy for your users to login with an existing identity profile from social networks or identity providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo, to speed up online registration. Users can then interact with friends and publish activity data back through their social networks. The Janrain API consists of a low-level HTTP API which returns XML or JSON responses. This offers a lot of flexi

Jcontenedor - JEE Layered Service Container based on Spring with many services provided out of the b

JEE layered Service Container based on Spring 3.x with many services provided out of the box: Log (log4j, JDK, ..): HTTP-Service (jetty based) DB-Service (HSQLDB based) MVC-Service (Spring/GWT based) JMS-Service (ApacheMQ based). Web-Services (Apache cxf based). Security (SpringSecurity based). LDAP Service (Spring LDAP based). Declarative Business Rules: Rules4Spring (jRules based). Business Validations (annotation based: Oval). AOP (Spring AOP api based). BarCode. jCaptcha. Features- Service C

Drips - Dynamic rule base instrumentation of production systems

What it does This project aims to provide an infrastructure using which a user can inject custom logic at runtime on any java based application. This can be done with minimal configuration changes to the target application. Our profiler tool is based on the above mentioned infrastructure which will dynamically calculate the Response Time of any JVM method using Aspect-oriented programming model (Aspectwerkz) . This profiling mechanism allows the user to iteratively profile any portion of a J2EE

Ga4tumblr - Google Analytics for Tumblr

Advanced Google Analytics tag for Tumblr sitesThis tag has the following extra features:Pageview for interactions with the photos and javascript links; Pageview for clicks on outbound links; The tag does not run on your own access to the site; Install instructionAdd the snippet below in the "Description" area of your Tumblr, replacing the UA-XXXXX-X by your Google Analytics profile code. <!-- --><script type="text/javascript">var ga4tumblr_ua = "UA-XXXXX-X";<

Facebooksteamachievements - A Facebook app for Steam achievements

Steam Achievements is a Facebook app that displays and publishes achievements for Steam games. It's an IFrame Canvas application built with ASP.NET, Facebook .NET SDK, and jQuery. You can see it action at How it worksAchievements are parsed from your Steam community profile in XML format:[steamid]/stats/[game]/?xml=1For example, my Left 4 Dead stats page is HelpSee

De-tiny-sip - An easy-to-use SIP UA implementation for Android

Welcome to the TinySip project TinySip is an easy-to-use SIP UA implementation for Android. It includes a SIP stack, a STUN library and handles all the important features to set up a simple VoIP-call. Android features a SIP API from version 2.3.3. But this API does not support any NAT traversal and is limited in function. This is why I decided to implement my own SIP API and include the NAT traversal tools. Please feel free to use this code as you wish, according to the Apache License 2.0. I wou