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Activate and deactivate one or more Windows Services in one click (two clicks in reality)



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Membership, Roles and Profile Library (MRPLibrary)

This project provides a simple abstraction for the Membership, Roles and ProfileManager ASP.NET providers as well as ASP.NET FormsAuthentication. The library creates required database objects automatically and uses web.config Membership, Roles and ProfileManager sections.

Csharp-profile-manager - A profile manager written in C#.

This library provides profile management assistance for .NET programs. Common tasks, such as switching profiles, loading settings for any given profile, and saving profile settings are made easier with this library. This will manage files and allow quick access to files for the current user. Additionally, the manager has the ability to write and read settings automatically to a specified .ini file. This greatly increases ease of creating programs that rely on multiple profiles (users) separate f

Persummary - Persummary profile manager allows your site users to add profiles and manage them.

Persummary profile manager allows your site users to add profiles and manage them.

Pipes-xbmc - XBMC Addon

This is a XBMC add-on that list videos from sites like Justin.TV, Ustream and others. Then uses Firefox to play the video. For the best experience and somewhat seemless operation you need the following. 1) A standalone or second Firefox installation with a separate profile. 2) Firefox add-on, Full Fullscreen: fullscreen on firefox startup 3) Firefox add-on, Real Fullscreen: removes top border on fullscreen

Paramrun - Easily pass command line parameters to shortcuts and applications

SOURCE WILL COME SOON! To install: just download and run the provided ParamRun.exe and it will automatically install to C:\\Program Files\\Param Run\\ along with a readme.txt Once you run the application, an option in the context menu (right click menu) will appear on EXE files, named "Run With Parameters." When you click this option, you will be prompted with an input box to enter your parameters. Type your parameters in, and click OK. Examples: Let's say you want to open Firefox's profile mana

Webtalk-project - Chat with other people browsing the same web site as you

Web TalkThis is a web application that allows you to chat with other people browsing the same web site as you. It consists of Firefox extension as the client front end and a Java based web service as the backend. I did this project as part of my course work at University of San Francisco. Please see this project report in PDF to download or print. 1. Getting StartedThis section gives the step-by-step guide to getting started and also describes the user manual for using the application. Installat

Thai-l10n - a working space for Thai localisation

สำหรับนัà¸�à¹�ปลไฟร์ฟ็อà¸�ซ์ - อัปเดตข่าวสารได้ที่ Facebook group "Mozilla Thailand Community" Spreadsheet สำหรับใช้ติดตามงานà¹�ปล firefox 4.0 ไฟล์คำà¹�ปลภาษาไทย สำหรับคนที่ไม่มี SVN ใช้ => (à¹�นะนำว่à