Profi v.2.0

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Project PROFI v 2.0 was initially developed for use in recruitment agencies or in personnel department of small and middle enterprises.



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Provides a userChrome.css for Thunderbird, Lightning, and other extensions (as the need arises -- currently includes XNote) to make these wonderful pieces of software do the one thing they don't: integrate properly with the user's desktop. Instructions: 1) download userChrome.css 2) place into the "chrome" directory in the profile dir for your installation of Thunderbird (you will most likely have to make this directory). To find your profile, check out this link:

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This app is currently available on 2.2.1 or higher It runs through iTunes using the Free-from-appstore application made by apple, which is known as Remote. It lets your iPod communicate better and understand windows' personality. It also gives the oppertunity to get free apps off the computer. Java is required to run the main file, which is T667.flsp (.flsp is a java enabled flash project). If you are operating on a VPN server, it is H235.js (.js is javascript). Most iProfi main files are suppor

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Willkommen auf der Website, des Forenprojekts ACiES Dieses Projekt ist eine von teknecal inspirierte selbstprogrammierte Homebrew Applikation für die Nintendo Wii (aka REVOLUTiON) Konsole. Sie soll dazu dienen, Homebrew Programme möglichst schnell, effizient und ohne großen Zeitaufwand direkt auf die SD-Karte der Wii via Internet downzuloaden; somit bleibt ein Cardreader für den PC erspart und man kann beruhigt vor der Wii sitzen... Zu uns: Wir alle sind stolze Wii-Besitzer