Procure eCommerce Engine

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Procure is an eCommerce engine written for the Umbraco content management system. It currently provides mechanisms to create products, and maintain their attributes. It will eventually allow for complete access to the entire system via standard Umbraco XSLT and C# code.



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Coupa Express is an e-procurement system that helps businesses automate and control their purchasing process. It is so much better than manual purchasing processes. Purchasing automation guarantees your business moves faster, while approval controls ensure disciplined decision-making every step of the way.

Openbravo - The Agile ERP

Openbravo is the web-based Open Source ERP solution. It includes applications like Accounting, Sales and CRM, Procurement, Inventory, Production, Project and Service Management. Openbravo is three-time winner of Infoworld's Bossie award for best open source software application.

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Procurement, it's trying focus on the procurement base on electronic(especially internet) technology, for making the process better(example : more fast as media information, deviding user access rule as their need/job to make their job easily if could, and .. more...) Procurement try five a user-friendly control, Internet-based purchasing system that offers electronic purchase order processing and enhanced administrative functions to buyers and suppliers, resulting in operational efficiencies an

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gCode SL stands for Generic Code Scripting Language. Currently under development, gCode SL supports a unique form of scripting, based partially off C#. gCode uses gInclude, an functionally unrelated generic include developed by We have procured permission to release their DLL with our code. Recently, gCode SL IDE has been developed and released, open source. This allows you to script better in gCode; all recognized methods will turn dark blue, and all recognized parameters will turn

Mensagemweb - Sends SMS messages to most Brazilian cellular phones.

O MensagemWeb é um programa totalmente livre capaz de enviar mensagens de texto para vários tipos de celulares. Visando ser simples, rápido e prático, ele conta com recursos feitos especialmente para facilitar sua vida, como identificação automática da operadora e divisão automática de mensagens muito longas em várias menores. Procure ajuda na seção de perguntas mais freqüentes.