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Related Projects

Procmodel - Builds an analytical performance model of a Linux kernel

procmodel could be thought of as "top and sar on steroids". It builds upon two essential Linux packages, "procps" and "sysstat", to create analytical performance models of Linux systems at the operating system level.

procpy provides pythonic access to /proc directory

procpy - python wrapper for procps library + a module containing higher level classes (with some extensions compared to procps). Classes procpy module providesProc - an instance of Proc class keeps the data gathered from process table (/proc directory) at initialization and does not update it automatically. Thus, you actually work with a copy of process table that might be out of date at the momment of initializing an instance. ProcRT - an instance of ProcRT class updates its data before accessi

Gnups - GNU ps - an alternative to ps in procps

GNU ps is an alternative solution to the messy ps in procps (currently 3.2.8). This ps under Linux tries to be compatible with many BSDs and Unixes, while having GNU long options (starting with --). The options' behaviors are weird and they are not well documented at all. The purpose of GNU ps is to eliminate all the messes the backward compatibilities with BSDs and Unixes (who cares?) brought to ps. Eventually, this will be a clear yet powerful ps under GNU/Linux.

invain's code open site

This website is invain's code open site. invain is just nickname in internet world. This means that I am studying system technologies continually. ( in + va + in ) My blog is # Utilities for Realtime Test util-linux-ng-2.13\ttaskset,chrt,nice,renice\t coreutils-6.10-33\tdd\t RT-Tests\tcyclictest,pi_tests,signaltest\t

Winevil - 一�脚本便于安装�置 wine 和一些�支� linux 的特殊商业程�

winevil-0.3当�的版本是 winevil-0.3 。 你需�有正版授�。有些特殊的商业程�并�是为 linux 设计的,通常有更好的替代产�。 首先安装�赖 64� 系统(ubuntu): sudo apt-get install binfmt-support cabextract debconf dpkg ia32-libs \\lib32asound2 lib32nss-mdns libc6-i386 procps ttf-wqy-microhei zlib1g32� 系统(ubuntu): sudo apt-get install binfmt-support cabextract debconf dpkg libasound2 libaudio2 \\libc6 libesd0 libgl1-mesa-glx libglu1

procps - Mirror of procps CVS repository

Mirror of procps CVS repository

ffi-procps - Wrapper for procps library

Wrapper for procps library

procps - gitorius procps clone

gitorius procps clone

cur-top - My experimentation with Curses and procps

My experimentation with Curses and procps