Problem XML

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XMl based standard format for the representation of chess problems and of tools working with this standard format.



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Apache Tapestry - Component oriented framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web app

Component oriented framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web applications in Java.

Moosex-xmlrpc-client - MooseX::XMLRPC::Client -- a Moose role enabling your object to speak XML-RPC

Need to talk to an XML-RPC server? Love the Moose? No problem. This role endows your Moose-based classes with the ability to speak XML-RPC!


UriTree is a tiny WPF application that solves the Favorites problem with an OPML-based XML file loaded in your System Notification Area as a cascading menu.

Softwaretestingharness - project for software testing at WSU to create a automated test bed

"XML is like violence: if it doesn't solve your problem, you aren't using enough of it" - unknown slashdotter

Validateme - A simple tool to validate XML documents and show validation problems

IntroductionThis tool validates xml documents and allows user to choose how many validation problems to display, and collects some basic statistics on validation problems. It is available as a Groovy script, and a standalone jar. I wrote this because I found that many validators will stop on the first error. I wanted to be able to see more, and get a feel for the kinds of errors that existed in the document. It won't tell you how to fix your xml document, but hopefully it will help you identify

Erepublik-feeds-v1-java-api - eRepublik Feeds API for Java

Unofficial eRepublik API to use v1 XML feeds. This is not an official eRepublik API, and thus, problems and support requests should not be directed to the eRepublik Team.

XPath AutoSuggest and Evaluate

Simple and easy to use, you'll develop your XPath queries faster with this tool. Can't remember the syntax? No problem, use the Suggest feature to get at least one way to fetch the node you need. Features: - AutoSuggest: Paste your XML into the editor, highlight a node, ...

Twitter-cacher-with-tweets-viewer - Problems with Twitter limits to view you're tweets on you&#3

Current version: RC2 With this software you have a local cache of you're xml feed from twitter for you're site. No problems anymore with Twitter limits! A viewer written in PHP is also included. Needs: - Server with internet connection - PHP - MySQL Important! There is no download version of this package, therefore you need to get the software from the Source tab. With problems or if you need installation help you can make an issue on the Issues tab!

Xmlcatalogdotnet - XML Catalogs for .NET and Mono

XML documents sometimes need to refer to other documents, particular Schemas or DTDs. While DTDs allow can be referenced using logical (non-physical) names (public IDs), W3C XML Schemas are typically referred to using a relative or absolute URL (which could be a "file:" URL, equivalent to a file path). There are often problems with this in practice: different users may not have access to the same files in the same locations; even an HTTP URL may refer to a private system that not all users have

Bob-monitor - bobMonitor is an AJAX realtime monitor for HPC clusters and applications

What Is ItbobMonitor is a realtime AJAX application for monitoring clusters. it allows easy visual detection of problems in HPC beowulf clusters, and helps users and administrators to see how well (or badly!) applications are utilising the cluster. How Does It Workbackend python scripts gather batch queue and node data from multiple sources (primarily the batch queueing system and ganglia) and aggregate it into a job and cluster aware XML stream that contains system data and current and whole jo