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A high level programming language geared towards scripting stories in computer games.



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Zefania XML Bible Markup Language

No PRISM. No Surveillance. No Government Back Doors. You Have our Word on it.

Wellenreiter wireless penetration tool

Wellenreiter is a GTK/Perl program that makes the discovery, penetration and auditing of 802.11b wireless networks as easy as possible. All three major wireless cards (Prism2 , Lucent, and Cisco) are supported. Usability is one of the main goal.

Learnprism - Silverlight Prism learning project

This is a code project for Silverlight Prism learning with demo code and example project

Gp2l - Gears + Prism

This is an integration project to combine the Google's gears and Mozilla's Prism to convenient developer to develop and deploy their application with RIA style.


A WPF Application written using the Prism framework which can be used for a Laptop -> Digital Picture Frame conversion project.

.Net 4.0 WPF Twitter Client

A .Net 4.0 Twitter client application built in WPF using Prism

Ezytask - Small project management tool demonstrating the use of prism

Small project management tool demonstrating the use of prism, see

prism-break - PRISM Break website

PRISM Break website

Patterns & Practices: Composite WPF Contrib

Composite WPF Contrib contains community extensions to the patterns & practices Prism project