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PrintScreen is a screen capture writed by java awt



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A simple utility that enhances the experience of taking screenshots and annotating them. And all of it happens with the screenshot key that you are most used to. PrintScreen. Give it a try. You will forget the traditional tedious screenshot mechanism.

Cinemadatabase - Cinema database(more commonly known as moviedatabase) downloads information for you

This project will index all your films on your computer. It is your own personal video library with only the movies or series you have on your computers. No more having to browse through your folders to find a comedy you want to see or even an action/comedy/drama. It's all in CinemaDatabase. Just select the folders you want to search and press search, then all your movies and series will be downloaded from IMDb and cataloged for easy search and listing. Printscreens:

Screensharing - This program receive a printscreen of the remote computer

This program receive a printscreen of the remote computer

Mikelefeautt-picoscope-printscreen - PrintScreen program from Mike Lefeautt

A program tapasztalatszerzés gyanánt jött létre, hogy elkészítése közben új dolgokat tanuljak. A program grafikus felületű, képes egy meghatározott programról képernyőfotót csinálni, valamint ezt a tevékenységet automatizálni.

VK Quick Image Uploader

Help to quickly uppload print-screen, clipboard or file-based image to hosting services

Simpleshot - A basic screenshot application

This application provides Windows users to quickly save their screenshot with 1 click. Change Log v1.2#Auto saving. Choose a location to save the captured screen directly witout prompt. Change Log v1.1#Press right shift key and then print-scr button to make visible/invisible the system tray icon. #Press right control key and then again print-scr button to exit.

Printscreener - ActionScript 3.0 based AIR application

PrintScreener is an app, extending the PrintScreen function. Now you can select the area you want to PrintScreen and save the selected Area into a JPG file. Notice for Mac users: Instead of PrintScreen button, you should press Command + shift + 3 Mac users don't need this app, actually, as there is Command + shift + 4 hotkey combination on Mac, which exports into a file selected area.

Jexecbot - Execute Linux commands where ever you are from your favourite jabber client

Use caseWhat are you going to do when you want to wget something on your computer and you are far away and you want it downloaded when you get back home? Btw SSH is blocked by admin's firewall... How about chattin' with your PC? SummaryA simple program written in JAVA using SMACK library (made by dudes from Ignite Realtime, be sure to check out their other cool stuff) to connect an account. Add that account to your buddy list and send commands to your Linux computer executing them with Runtime.e

Screen-snapper - Windows screenshot utility, saves JPG files with a press of the PrtScreen button.

Snapper enables you to make screenshots easily. To make a screenshot, press 'PrtSc' (the PrintScreen key). The screenshot will be saved automatically in a JPG file. You can have Snapper halve the size of the screenshot, to save space, or have it overlay text on it. It also automatically puts the date and time in the filename of the screenshot. On the 'All snaps' page you will see an overview of all the screenshots in the folder you chose for storing your screenshots. This will default to the fol

Virtualprintscreen - Virtual Print Screen

VirtualPrintScreen - �то программа дл� �оздани� �криншотов по �очетанию клавиш Ctrl+PrtScr