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Principia is a technical and scientific software for industry, research and education.



Related Projects

Questionnaire generation and evaluation

Creation and evaluation of questionnaires in HTML for Web and LaTeX for paper. Support for Principia's 'Remark'.

Eriscode - An esolang made to look like Discordian propoganda

A new boon to Discordian techies -- the best thing since ddate. THE ERISIAN LIBERATION FRONT HAS A NEW LINGUA FRANCA! THE LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCORD HAS A NEW DISCORDIAN DYNAMO! EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT! HEUTE DIE WELT, MORGENS DAS SONNENSYSTEM! Discordia is the first programming language to model its syntax after our beloved Principia. Like the Principia, it has little practical value (too thin to burn, too esoteric to pass off as Approved Reading) except as a running joke and an eye opener. DO NOT CIR

Ga-scheduler - Genetic Algorithm College Semester Scheduler

Uses genetic algorithms to match courses with time-slots and class-rooms. Tries to solve, satisfying both students and teachers.


Just experimenting with creating a physics engine for Principia