Object Orientated Mathematics

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Modelling Mathematics is an Objected Orientated envirnoment




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PrimeFaces - JSF component suite

PrimeFaces is a lightweight component suite for Java Server Faces 2.0 featuring 100+ rich set of JSF components (HtmlEditor, Dialog, AutoComplete, Charts and many more). It has built-in ajax support. It supports mobile UI kit to create mobile web applications for handheld devices like IPhone, Palm, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and more.

Prime Mover

Prime Mover is a small and flexible build tool intended to be used instead of make. It is intended to be deployed with the projects that use it, and does not requires installation to use. It is modular and can be extended using the Lua scripting lang

Xenia - FidoNet technology mailer/utils

Xenia - FidoNet technology mailer, editor and utilities (original author: Arjen Lentz, BitBike / Lentz Software-Development) Prime objective: Linux port.


PrimeCMDB is a Configuration Management System which federates a common view on all IT relevant configuration items and their relations with integration of master and slave systems through open APIs

Trove - High performance collections for Java

Trove provides fast, lightweight implementations of the java.util Collections API. These implementations are designed to be pluggable replacements for their JDK equivalents. This gap in the JDK is often addressed by using the "wrapper" classes (java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Float, etc.) with Object-based collections. For most applications, however, collections which store primitives directly will require less space and yield significant performance gains.


Software module for anonymous communication by means of the onion routing. For more information please have a look at https://www.prime-project.eu/prototypes/anon/

Csharpprime - Generate Prime Numbers

Generate Prime Numbers Sequentially OnClick