Primal Form

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Primal Form is a 3D Modeling package allowing the user to quickly build 3D objects. It sports a simple user interface inspired by Nichimen's N-World.



Related Projects


High-performance package for SemiDefinite Programs The software SDPA (SemiDefinite Programming Algorithm) is one of the most efficient and stable software packages for solving SDPs based on the primal-dual interior-point method.

Masm32-primality-tester - A simple trial divistion program that evalates a constant on it's prim

A simple trial divistion program that evalates a constant on it's primality

Net-fs - Java optimization algorithms

Java implementation of Linear Optimization algorithms. The current implementation contains: Primal Simplex Dual Simplex Two Phase Simplex Integer Simplex (Using the Branch & Bound method) At the moment I am to lazy to write documentation, see the JUnit Test-cases for usage of the algorithms. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Therefore, don't hesitate! Contact

Clj-primetest - Command line Java tool for finding primes - implements 5 different primality tests

Test for Prime Numbers Summary This project encompasses 5 different tests for primality. The methods implemented are Miller-Rabin, Miller-Rabin Deterministic, Solovay-Strassen, Fermat’s Primality Test and a Brute Force method. In addition to the 5 primality tests, the program is also capable of finding the closest integer to a given upper bound. The largest number it is capable of handling is a 2147483647 bit integer. Primality Tests Miller-Rabin This primality test is a probabilistic primalit

Ruby-numtheory - Ruby number theory library

The library is written as C extension and aims to provide fast implementations of common number-theoretical algorithms. It is distributed under WTFPL. Currently implemented:powermod; miller-rabin test for primality; standard BPSW primality test; eratosthenes sieve; factorization (via trial division); factorial (via PrimeSwing algorithm); sigma (σ); moebius (μ); eulerphi (φ); primepi (π); fibonacci; modular inverse; extended gcd; primitive pythagorean triple generator; integer square root; sq

Sandys-stuff - A location to share various tools and scripts and for incubating larger projects

Most developers have their own set of tools they've written for various tasks or to satisfy some primal coding urge. Since many are often too small for true 'project' status, they usually are not shared with the community. This is my opportunity to release my little helper tidbits. Hopefully, you will find them useful (even if just to laugh at). It will be a bit slow going as I clean them up a bit for public viewing.Also, this space will host experiments that may become projects (in other words

Primality - Generador de numeros primos y determinador de primalidad

Con este proyecto se pretende crear un codigo en Python que permita generar numeros primos, tan eficientemente como sea posible, y por otra parte determinar si un numero dado es primo o no en el menos tiempo posible.

Glucas - Yet Another FFT

Glucas is a client to make primality test for Mersenne numbers. It is related to GIMPS effort to search the bigest primes ever found. In addition, it can be used as an excellent performance test. Posix thread, OpenMP and SunMP compatible