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- Learn data structures and algorithms. Data structures and algorithmsfor programmers are like notes and scales for a musician. Allprogramming is built around data structures and algorithms. Whethermaking the right choices when solving problems, will be determined byyour confidence in the basics. - **book: [Data Structures and Algorithms][data_struct]** - article: [Data Structures Succinctly: Part 1][datastructspart1]- Learn Unix tools. Unix's philosophy of building simple, small,modular tools is highly regarded for a reason. Problems thatseem complex usually can be solved with one liners in no time. Alsosince most of today's infrastructures are built upon Un*x systems, agreat engineer might want to take advantage of being able to controland hence own the full stack what they develop. - **book: [The Unix Programming Environment][unix_book]** - tutorial: [Unix tutorial][unix_tutorial]- Learn version controlling. Version controlling is the alpha of today's development work flow. It's the breath of all open source projects, it helps teams collaborate day to day on their work and even for a single engineer working alone helps create the right mindset of working in baby steps and gives reassurance with the knowledge that you are able to go back to any previous state of the code base. - **tutorial: [Git tutorial][git_school] (time investment: 15 min)**- Learn regular expressions. It's hard to bypass regular expressions. They are an impressive tool available in most languages to work with text. - **tutorial: [RegExp tutorial][regex_tutorial]**- Understand how HTTP and browsers work. These technologies are on the lowest level of the Maslow pyramid of web development. - **article: [How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers][browserswork]** - **article: [HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know][http_tutorial]** - **article: [website cookies][cookies]**




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