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prevalent is a Web-Site to collect publicly available descriptions about the issues described in softwarepatent-applications. It provides votings and a forum with the goal to avoid new software-patents that claim already publicly available information.



Related Projects


Bamboo.Prevalence is a .NET implementation of the object prevalence concept brought to life by Klaus Wuestefeld in Prevayler. Bamboo.Prevalence provides transparent object persistence to deterministic systems targeting the CLR.

Prevalentlite - A sqlite3 persistence object library

Writing load and save functions is time consuming, buggy, and just plain annoying. The goal of PrevalentLite is to make loading and saving object data to disk transparent, with a few minor changes to your source. PrevalentLite is extremely useful for desktop application file format. Note: This is Alpha software, use at your own risk. Licensing Note: PrevalentLite is for OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE ONLY, please read GLPv3. You may NOT use this library in proprietary software. Documentation: http://www.v

Nodb - The prevalent object repository.

IntroductionNoDB is a prevalent object repository with indexing capabilities. It is a general purpose in memory repository for use in any Java applications. In a prevalent model, all the objects are kept in memory in native object format. Although NoDB allows to store the objects in a compressed form. The objects stored in a repository can be queried through the use of indexes, so you dont have to iterate over an object graph any more. NoDB is built on top of Prevayler and Lucene. An Example of

Zimbmanager - ZiMB Manager CMS

A full-featured CMS that will work in both DB2 and mySQL based host environments. Specifically created to make AJAX/Dojo/Zend Framework development on the iSeries more accessible to the less Javascript-proficient developers prevalent in RPG shops.

Redstone Prevalent Storage

A minimalistic prevalent storage for Java SE 5.0 that replaces the need for JDBC and RDBMS for small and mid-sized applications.

XPrevail - .NET Prevalence Object Layer

XPrevail is a powerful .NET object prevalence, aspects and inspection framework, it provide a transparent persistence mechanism over all business objects. XPrevail still include dynamic support to aspect oriented programming and remote object inspection!

Madeleine - Ruby Object Prevalence

We've moved!

Browsersec - Browser Security Handbook

Browser Security HandbookBrowser Security Handbook is meant to provide web application developers, browser engineers, and information security researchers with a one-stop reference to key security properties of contemporary web browsers. Insufficient understanding of these often poorly-documented characteristics is a major contributing factor to the prevalence of several classes of security vulnerabilities. The document currently covers several hundred security-relevant characteristics of Micros

Aqueryum - An automated system that takes questions in workshops/seminars and admissions counselling

Warning: Current program may not be stable and should be used for testing only. OverviewWe intend to create a solution for an unnoticeable but a rather prevalent and time consuming problem - the Question and Answer session of a seminar. We are trying to address the problem at a meta-level at present - i.e the IIIT-D Admission counseling and workshops/seminars at IIIT-D. At present, these events are generally followed by a very disorganized Q&A sessions. Our product aims at streamlining the whole