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Pretoria is a tool for manipulating Oracle indexfiles. Basically, Pretoria parses the indexfile and performs a search and replace on the storage parameters - it then separates table create statements and index create statements. These files can then be u



Related Projects

Infinity-solutions-case-tool - Code Refactoring

Code Refactoring tool to assist software engineers. This is developed by The University of Pretoria COS 301 team Infinity Solutions.

Eventb-bpel - Eclipse plugin to translate between BPEL and Event-B modules

This is a Software engineering project at the Department of Computer, University of Pretoria. The main goal of this project is to develop a Web services following Event-B methodology from requirement to product delivery. The plug-in will be used to automate the translation between BPEL code and Event-B specifications.

Daj - DAJ - Interactive Execution of Distributed Algorithms

OverviewDAJ is an interactive, visual aid for studying distributed algorithms. Interactive, because you must explicitly specify every step of the interleaved execution sequence. Visual, because the state of the nodes is continuously displayed. Study aid, because they solve one of the most difficult problems encountered by students of these algorithms by automatically doing the necessary book-keeping. The program can create a log file of commands so that you can automatically replay scenarios unt

Dr-math - Development of Multi-user Text Based Adventure Game Engine (and Games) to be Deployed unde

A COS 301 project for the University of Pretoria. The game will be educational, with the ultimate goal being to help young people acquaint themselves with the world of IT through playing the game. The IT content will be integrated with a full game that requires knowledge of IT to perform story advancing actions such as opening doors. The engine will be implemented in Java on a Linux platform. We plan to write the engine from scratch and to publish all our work under the creative commons license

lecture-materials - Repository for the University of Pretoria Haskell User Group.

Repository for the University of Pretoria Haskell User Group.


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