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Presage (formerly Soothsayer) is an intelligent predictive text entry system. Presage's predictive capabilities are implemented by predictive plugins. Predictive plugins use services provided by the platform to implement multiple prediction techniqu



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Minibae - Platform-neutral Audio Engine

What is miniBAE? The platform-neutral Beatnik Audio Engine, Mini Edition (miniBAE) is an exceptionally mature, well-rounded, and reliable computer music and sound system specially customized for small-footprint and embedded applications. miniBAE is... Flexible It can play several leading industry-standard music and audio file formats from disk or from memory. Interactivity-oriented You can pause and resume any media playback at will, change pitch while a sound is playing, etc.The feature-rich mi

Presage-ColouredTrails - Old version of presage. Archiving it basically.

Old version of presage. Archiving it basically.


A multi-agent take on HelloWorld in Presage2.


PRESAGE is a simulation platform for rapid prototyping of Agent Societies. It enables designers to investigate the effect of agent design, network properties and the physical environment on individual agent behaviour and long-term collective global performance.


This projects aims to provide text completion on regular GTK+ input methods by using Presage text prediction library.