Press Release System

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PRES (the Press Release System) is a content management system, targeted at managing news and information sites. Managing a PRES system is simple, but presentation is sophisticated and flexible. PRES is a Java WebApp and works with Tomcat.



Related Projects

Busman-jose - program to manage and organize bus reservation

Projekt si klade za cil automatizovat a optimalizovat rezervaci autobusu pres internet. Program se spousti jako lokalni program a komunikuje pomoci http.


IEEE1394Diag is a GUI application that presents a graphical view of an IEEE1394 network and provides the ability to perform common 1394 operations such as async reads, writes, isoc listens and talks, as well as configuration rom browsing of all nodes pres

XBRL Taxonomy Generator

A set of tools allowing non-specialistic users to build taxonomies for XBRL 2.1 (Extended Business Reporting Language), starting from reports in electronic format. MS Access data entry tool, in italian language. Lbl, Ref, Pres, Calc linkbases. See Docs!

Podium Presentation System

Podium is a set of PHP scripts and files for managing and displaying Web-based slide presentations. Inspired by, and partly based on, the 'pres' system used internally by the PHP group. Podium takes care of presentation so you can worry about content.

Ocaf - Web application framework

OCAF, "oh, crap! another framework," is a web application framework implementing a very simple MVC-like design where URLs are mapped to actions or "doers." Web applications are essentially "wired" together via an XML configuration file (yay, more XML, more configuration). Not exactly IoC, or DI, but similar and things are very simple. The concept, a tried and true design, is to decouple each tier of the application but doing so through URLs. The framework currently uses Velocity as its view/pres

Generate-sql-insert-script - Generate Sql Insert Script

Create 10 000 sql insert queries in minutes for any table. Posibilities Export\\import project Fild values generator All you need to do is configure your fields and how they will be filled, and then pres Generate SQL. Do not forget to export project for future use.


Implement a web-based interactive UI that shows a calendar of a week view that you would find in any calendar program. The user should be able to see columns representing days between Sunday to Saturday.

Prometheus Digi Pres Workbench

The Prometheus Project is a semi-automated process for transferring data from physical carriers to preservation digital mass storage. It provides a number of web services which allows users on Windows based machines to image the physical media.