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Describe your software project with a full-featured scripting language and let Premake write the build scripts for you. With one file your project can support both IDE-addicted Windows coders and Linux command-line junkies!



Related Projects

Cpp-ut-project - C/C++ ut project, use testngpp and mockcpp.

cpp-ut-project Introduction User Guide This is a C/C++ test sample project, using testngpp, mockcpp and premake. It aims at making C/C++ test harmless and full of fun. This project not only can generate project files, but also can create .h/.cpp/test files for class/feature, run "premake4 --usage addfile" to show more. Before you use this project, be sure about that you have compiled testngpp and mockcpp, and have put the installed files in tools, see also the structure of dir. And then you can


The `Pre-Make Kit` project is a dependency management tool. This website is obsolete, the project has moved to ...


irrBuild generates native solution, Makefile and workspace for irrlicht library and its examples using Premake based build scripts. These scripts can also be used as build templates for cross platform irrlicht applications.

libfigconfig is a C++ ini parser library.

libfigconfig is a C++ .ini parser library. It can parse simple windows-style ini files. To build libfigconfig, you will need Premake. checkout the source premake --target gnu (please see premake --help for a list of all targets) make Please see tests/main.cpp for an example program using libfigconfig. Sample config files are in bin/ with both unix and windows file endings. Link to -lfigconfig libfigconfig has been tested on both, linux and windows, and should work on most everything since its so

Luasvnrepo - Unofficial Lua Subversion repository

Unofficial Subversion repository for hosting Lua and Lua related projects that are not hosted in Subversion. All the files use Premake to generate build files. LibrariesLua v5.1.4 Luaxx (Heavily modified and taken in a different direction then the current library) Lunax tolua++ ExtentionsLua Extension API

Slimui - Gui wrappers for Cheat Engines Lua scripting.

What is slimui?slimui is a Lua based collection of wrappers designed for Cheat Engine. As of Cheat Engine 6.x, the project has exposed a Lua interface for users to create trainers, as well as other helpful integrations with the main program itself. Within the trainer exposure, there are various Gui related API that have been exposed to create full Gui based trainers from Lua. slimui aims to wrap the Gui API to make creating trainers more fluid and easy on the end user whom may not be experienced

Squirreltest - A Google Test binding for Squirrel

Exposes some of the Google Test framework to the scripting language Squirrel. Getting StartedAfter downloading Squirrel Test, unpack it, testapp and read through the code in testapp/main.cpp and the example scripts in the scripts directory. RequirementsSquirrel Test is dependent on Google Test (version 1.5 or later) and Squirrel (version 3.0 or later) so you will need to get both those libraries as well. The assumed directory layout is: $(RootDir)/squirrel $(RootDir)/googletest $(RootDir)/sqtest

premake-annulen - My development branches of premake

My development branches of premake