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Easy bootstrap quot;Gentoo Prefixquot; for several unix-like operating systems (Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Interix, ...)



Related Projects

Pywinery - Wineprefix manager

PyWinery is a graphical, easy and simple wine-prefix manager which allows you to launch apps, explore and manage configuration of separate prefixes, graphically and faster than setting variables on linux shell. 0.2-0 release screenshots (Launching an exe) (Prefix management interface, now features all launcher options) 0.1-7 release screenshots (Launching an exe, but standalone is much like this) (Prefix management dialog) 0.1-3 release screenshots (Launching a .exe file inside a known prefix) (

Bashrun2 - launch applications from interactive bash sessions

DescriptionBashrun2 is the second generation version of bashrun, an application launcher running a modified bash session in a small terminal window, providing all the well known bash features like tab-completion and history. Additional features include automatic detection of console applications, rules for running console applications in dedicated terminals, running commands with a different user id, regexp based command line rewriting (file associations, web shortcuts, etc), user-defined action

Dualsubsystem - A framework for building windows applications that can behave in both console and gu

SummaryThe windows kernel allows a program to be linked with /SUBSYTEM:CONSOLE or /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS. Sometimes you would like a GUI application that also allows for command line interaction. This "opportunistic" console program is not natively supported. In a CONSOLE linked program, your GUI window will always be dependent on a console. If you launch from a shortcut, a new console is auto-created. In a WINDOWS linked application, if you run it from a console, you have no access to the launching