Geocaching for webOS

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This is webOS client for Geocaching. Browse nearby caches, view cache details, logs, images, navigate to them. Also have plugin to work with, sharing service and Twitter.



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W2a - Web2Album, a javascript driven picture showcase system. Preloading and smart navigation, flash

The application is an alternative for plugin-based album viewers, scrollers and applets (like SimpleViewer or the flash viewer used on for example). It is lightweight and fast, does not require complex preparation of XML files and such, can change galleries without reloading the page.Being client based (JS / CSS) does not stop it to provide the same intelligent algorithms like precaching pictures and making the show pause-less afterwards.There is also a custom area implementation allow

Yoxview - jQuery image and video viewer plugin / Standalone viewer

YoxView is a free image and video viewer for websites. It's written in javascript using jQuery and is available as a jQuery plugin. YoxView is inspired by Lokesh Dhakar's Lightbox. Like it, YoxView displays content above the website's content, as a separate layer. Project's website: Main features: Images are scaled to fit inside the browser's window. Video is supported (as of v1.8) Images can be pre-cached. Multiple instances in the same page may be used, ideal for

Web Caching Service

This is an updated version of the precaching tool from Joris Kalz (,

Hecate-profiler - CS 489 Project on Mobile User Profiling

Python framework for use by mobile applications to enable user profiling for precaching performance optimizations and personalization.

Django-photologue - A customizable plug-in photo management application for the Django web framework

What is Photologue?Photologue is a reusable Django application that provides powerful image management and manipulation functionality as well as a complete photo gallery solution. The 2.x release adds more effects, including reflections and transparent watermarks. It also introduces the ImageModel abstract base class allowing developers to easily integrated the Photologue core functionality into their own models. Photologue embraces the Django admin and smoothly integrates with photo thumbnails

Theora playback library

A multi-threaded C++ library that plays video files supporting multiple codecs across platforms. Easy to use, fast, responsive, abstract interface and minimal dependencies, you'll soon be wondering how you lived without it! ;) Audio and Video interfaces are completely abstracted so the library can be used anywhere, regardless of what you use to display video frames and play audio samples (eg. OpenGL / OpenAL, Direct3D / DirectSound, SDL / SDL_mixer, X11 / alsa ...) The library can pre-cach

Tuxincache - An intelligent application cache

Tux-In-Cache is an intelligent application for GNU/Linux platform that will enable swift launching of applications by pre-caching user's favorite applications(determined by monitoring the application usage habits of user) in a RAM based swap device during system boot and then manages the cache intelligently during system uptime to meet user needs.

mattress - iOS Offline Caching for Web Content

A Swift framework for storing entire web pages into a disk cache distinct from, but interoperable with, the standard NSURLCache layer. This is useful for both pre-caching web content for faster loading, as well as making web content available for offline browsing.

Pear4gallery - .Pear a Gallery2 theme that tries to mimic .mac's mobile me photo page._

.Pear a gallery2 theme that tries to mimic .mac's mobile me photo page. Demo page at: .Pear ThemeTheme based on Apples mobile me gallery. FeaturesTwo major viewing modes, '''grid''' and '''mosaic'''. Support for album skimming (slide trough the first 50 thumbs for each album). Support for carousel view, similar to Apples cover flow. User configurable background color. Thumbnail size slider. "Fullscreen" view mode for images (used by own slideshow as w

Payloadtracker - APRS high altitude balloon tracking software

PayloadTracker v0.9 Relased! Go grab it in the downloads section!PayloadTracker is a .NET based application that allows anyone with a sound card to track APRS based payloads. While still in heavy development I feel like it's time to get some outside feed back on the project. I started this four months ago when my hobbyist group (Hackerbot Labs) began working on High-Altitude Balloons and we found existing APRS tracking software archaic and outdated so I set out to build something better. Main fe

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