GCC for Palm OS

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The prc-tools project currently consists of patches to binutils, gdb, and GCC to support Palm OS, along with several post-linker tools.




Related Projects

GlulxeK, palmos glulxe interpreter

Glulxek is a Glulx interpreter for Palmos 5 written in C with prc-tools. Glulx is a 32-bit virtual machine modeled for Interactive Fiction. The project is based on cheapglk, glulxe and kronos.

Ksfl - KSFL - Kreative Structured Format Library

KSFL is a library and command-line tool for reading and writing various structured binary file formats, including: Mac OS resources (.rsrc), Palm OS resource database (.prc), Windows Portable Executable (.exe, .dll, etc.), DFF File Format (.dff) (versions 1.0, 2.0.1, 3.0), IFF, RIFF, MIDI, PNG, ICNS, and HyperCard stacks. KSFL is currently available for Java. Other languages are planned for future development.

Prcool1 - A Palm Resource Container (PRC) Editor implemented in XUL

PRCool is a resource editor for Palm executable files (PRCs) that implements all of its functionality in Javascript and XUL, using Mozilla.org's XULRunner runtime environment.So far it is in early Alpha state. It can parse PRC files and display resources and file information, but can't save any changes yet.Changelog .004-New Code layout-Help menu-Added templates to binary decoder: Hex, Block, Dynamic-Separated path and string constants from codeChangelog .003-Added date Interpreter to display Ti

Hothands - Pathetic attempt at implementing a new PalmOS JVM.

The last viable JVM for the PalmOS is no longer supported by Palm, Inc. In addition, the JVM itself is somewhat broken. And since I was looking for a hopelessly ambitious C/C++ project through which to learn the language, I decided to try to implement the JVM for PalmOS here. The project uses prc-tools, which could become a problem in the future -- it lacks the ability to re-structure the code to eliminate 32k+ jumps the way CodeWarrior does, and it also prevents the use of C++ exceptions, rtti,

Feed2ereader - Conversion tool to generate MobiPocket files from RSS/Atom feeds

eReader devices are becoming popular in the latest months. Some of them make use of the MobiPocket format (.prc, .mobi), similar to HTML but stored as a binary file and including pictures. The advantage of such format is the reflow capability, that is, on the contrary to printed formats like PDF or PS, MobiPocket books (like HTML) are adapted to the width of the screen, allowing to resize the font to give the reader a more comfortable experience. As of today, MobiPocket books are generated with


PScan: A port scanner for PalmOS Devices. This scanner is being developed by the Blue Collar Hacker's Union and is meant to be built using GNU tools (PRC-Tools, specifically), to be released under GPL.

Razor! Game Engine for Palm devices

Razor! for Palm devices is a development framework for games. It can be used with both CodeWarrior and PRC Tools. It supports sprites, music, hard keys, timing, events... Check it out!


A tool to convert Wiktionary dumps into .mobi / .prc E-Books that work as dictionaries

prc - Philadelphia Parcel Research Tool

Philadelphia Parcel Research Tool