Praytimes-ics - Utility to generates an iCalendar Muslim five daily prayer time annual calendar.

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Pray Times ICSPray Times ICS is a project aims at creating a Muslim five daily prayer time annual calendar in an iCalendar/ICS format for a given geographical location. The calendar feeds from Pray Times ICS can be imported into or subscribed to from web or desktop calendars, such as Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal etc., or be published. Pray Times ICS is also a smart phone friendly web application that can be used to quickly lookup times for prayer on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or any HTML5 compliant browser. Prayer time calculation code from is used within the application. Smart Phone Friendly Web ApplicationFrom your smart phone, go to Click on "Get Location" to update the latitude and longitude of your current location (desktop, laptop, or mobile phone). Click "Done" to save settings and go back to the Main Screen. Add a bookmark within your browser or add it to your home screen as an app shortcut. LinksWeb App: Facebook Page: Issues: Some City Calendars iCalendar Feed URL where: location is the name of your location. Could be any name of your choosing. x is latitude y is longitude z is the UTC time zone offset in minutes. For example US Eastern Standard is -4 hours or -240 minutes. s is a pre-defined setting (0 through 6) for Fajr/Isha angles. For example 2 is for ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). See app website for other options. j is a pre-defined setting (0 or 1) for Asr calculation method. 0 is for Standard (Shafi'ee, Hanbali, Maliki). 1 is for Hanafi. Example: Google Calendar PublishingSubscribe to calendars in Google Calendar Import events from iCalendar or CSV files Share your calendar with the world



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