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A software about Catholic rosary based prayers: * Learn to pray The Holy Rosary, The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy ... * Meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary listening to Bible readings * Meditate with beautiful depictions of the mysteries



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Clicky Gone

Hide windows from praying eyes or for the comfort of a clean desktop. Has a boss key feature that hides the active window and mutes the sound. You can also manage the priority of your applications through your applications system menu.

Wa-wazkker-al-momnen - this is an application changes the Personal Message of the MSN current user o

WaZkker Al-mo'mnen Program is an application changes the Personal Message of the current user only during praying times as a way to inform him and friends in the MSN list about praying times ,the application also supported (as an extra option ) with number of categories each of them have number of Azkar or Ahadeth to be displayed randomly ( 10 sec ) in non praying times (option) . This program support a huge number of cities and countries time zones all around the world . Any questions or sugges

Prayers-requests - To share requests with friends,show power of pray.

- Keep and track prayer requests - Share your requests with friends, prayer groups and the Christian community - View public and shared prayer requests

Praytimes-ics - Utility to generates an iCalendar Muslim five daily prayer time annual calendar.

Pray Times ICSPray Times ICS is a project aims at creating a Muslim five daily prayer time annual calendar in an iCalendar/ICS format for a given geographical location. The calendar feeds from Pray Times ICS can be imported into or subscribed to from web or desktop calendars, such as Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal etc., or be published. Pray Times ICS is also a smart phone friendly web application that can be used to quickly lookup times for prayer on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberr

Indexcode - Adsense template page project: Adsenes Functionality Exp Google Code

Dear God, I pray for your Google Miracle Powers in guiding me through successful completion of this project. Here it is. Adsense Search Engine Optimization & Superboost Internet Traffic to Position eBusiness for Success. MLM Marketing Leads Generation Technologies and Implemetation Strategies and Techniques using Adwords keywords placement and targeting site specific content. Ultimately, in God I Trust, using Google's Adwords functionality for SEO specific content of this website then using MLM

Dppsql - DPP Sql-Extension for Joomla

"dppsql" is a simple Joomla-Component to show data from a Joomla-Mysql-Database. This Software is a Joomla-Component to show Mysql-Data in a table in a page. It's easy to use and fast and simple. It's Opensource and Prayware. It means: Prayware is computer software that is distributed freely or under a open source code license, but that the authors request (or require) that users of the software pray for them (the author) or for another cause. I ask for prayer for our Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) Se

Monotheism - A simple, yet flexible, PRAY file creator for the C2E/openc2e game engine

MonoTheism is a utility based on the .NET/Mono platform that can be used to create, primarily, .agents files for games based on the 'Creatures Evolution Engine' (C2E), such as Creatures 3 or Docking Station.

Pray4thenation - Pray for your country

If you are a Christian and willing to pray for the nations? Then this application is very much needed for you.

Unityasap - Software under development for the express purpose of unifying the body of Christ

We here at UnityASAP, believe that unity is the goal of the modern church. Two thousand years ago an example was set by the first church of how to uplift and support one another. Time is precious. Love is the most important commandment. We seek to unify the power of the Church in love, by giving them the opportunity to give their most precious of commodities, time, in service to both God, and the fellow man. We believe that by giving we enable God to bless our lives. The software under developme

Falak - Islamic Time on Android

The projects is a application on android phone for find pray time for Muslim.