Pragmatic ASP.NET MVC Security

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a sample application show casing usage of custom membership and role providers as well as Authorization filters using ASP.NET MVC. The membership is driven by a simple database custom database.



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ASP.NET Tiny Security Providers

A pack of tiny (XML, Compact SQL etc) ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile providers.

ASP.NET Desktop Membership Manager Application

This project aims to make it possible to manage ASP.Net Membership within the initial life cycle stages of your web application.


A simple ASP.Net MVC 3.5 based UI to manage the ASP.Net Membership, roles etc.


MultiCore is a compute cloud wrapper written in c# and supports a simple db role, membership and profile provider. Also offers support for easier Simple DB access. Includes the latest amazon libraries. Azure support coming soon.

Code-First Membership / Role Provider

Code-First Membership / Role Provider is built using C# and allows for drop-in type usage / abstraction unlike other code-fist options at the moment.

Njupiter - nJupiter is an open source component toolkit for development based on Microsoft .NET.

nJupiter - a component toolkit for development based on .NETnJupiter is a component toolkit that contains a large amount of functionality across a wide spectrum. nJupiter offering a set of tools that you can use either independently or together with each other in your own projects. nJupiter has been under development since 2005 and is today considered to be a mature project. nJupiter is completely written in C # and is released under a MIT / X11 license. Some of the components in the project was


Fireball.VistaDB is a small project that contains at the moment a RoleProvider for the VistaDB ( Embedded Engine for .net, our home page is

ASP.Net Permission Manager

This is an extension of ASP.Net Permission Manager that permission to roles.


SqlClientProvider provided MembershipProvider and RoleProvider for client, it support sqlserver and sqlce, support the adoption of configuration files or sql table and to writing event log when arising exception