People amp; Project Tracking System

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This is a perl web based program to be used for Project Management. It keeps track of: employee hours, project hours, and projects documentation.



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Project Planning and Tracking System

PPTS is a WEB environment supporting the agile practices of XP@Scrum. It offers Resource Allocation, Backlog, WBS, Velocity Calculation, Burndown and Progress Charts, Multi-Language Support, Interfacing with Bugzilla, various CMM required Metrics etc.

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Crank allows idiomatic, efficacious GUI development based on your Java object model. "Even Chuck Norris feared JSF...until he saw Crank" --CM Crank 1.0.1 Release Notes and Download Crank Google Group for Questions and Such Slides from Los Angeles JUG, 1/5/2008 Crank is a master/detail, CRUD, and annotation driven validation framework built with JPA, JSF, Facelets and Ajax. It allows developers to quickly come up with JSF/Ajax based CRUD listings and Master/Detail forms from their JPA annotated J

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A rails-based web server provide a iPhone UI, through which you can remote control shows of MS powerpoint slides. My Environment: 1) Window XP SP2, 2) PowerPoint 2003, 3) Rails 2.1, 4) iPhone 2.0 If you're RoR (ruby on rails) developer, just checkout the trunk and "script/server" it. Otherwise, you should install RoR first. After that, use your iphone visit the site (maybe open some ppts first), and enjoy yourself. Tips: Click the big powerpoint logo to run slides show. Move your finger in the d

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Download bible Stories, Testimonies, bible Messages, PPts

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