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A graphical interface to the existing PPTP Client for Linux, FreeBSD, amp; NetBSD.




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iVPN 2.4b Fork

This is a fork of the iVPN 2.4b source code, which still maintains the 3-clause BSD-style license in the source files. iVPN is a GUI used to configure vpnd, Apple's L2TP/PPTP VPN daemon on OS X client installs.

Prevpnc - VPN client for webOS mobile platform

The goal of this project is create simple frontend for manage vpn connections on webOS based devices. Currently is supported OpenVPN, Cisco and MS PPTP (pptp only with Palm Pre with kernel version 2.6.24-palm-joplin-3430). For more information and help see Wiki pages: FAQ Installation SetupVPNConnection Patching for notifications Screenshots: What work: Connect to PPTP vpn server, OpenVPN or Cisco vpn Known problems: pppd replace default route Callback sometimes don't arrive. Disconnect dosn't w

M0n0wall-mod - Patchset for m0n0wall enabling 'WAN eth' and DHCP+PPTP/PPPoE/L2TP for WAN int

About projectThis is m0n0wall mod project. m0n0wall is a great tool but there are limitations in standard distribution. Mod project is a patchset intended to overcome these limitations. Mod main features concern: DHCP+PPTP for WAN interface DHCP+PPPoE for WAN interface Separated WAN Ethernet interface named 'WAN eth' L2TP support Some ISPs use DHCP+PPTP to setup client connections. First, you get IP address by DHCP over Ethernet. Second, you open VPN PPTP connection. Standard m0n0wall can not us

Tomato-sdhc-vlan - Tomato firmware with enhancements

This is a firmware for Linksys routers based on the great Tomato firmware with additional support for: SDHC/MMC mod, VLAN management GUI (and other enhancements). 2012-03-18:Tomato Teaman-ND-SDHC v0023 and Teaman-RT v2023 images released. These versions include a PPTP VPN Server (with a web UI) as well as improvements in the MultiSSID admin interface. Teaman-RT builds also support WAN connections with 3G USB Modems. 2012-02-11:Tomato Teaman-ND-SDHC v0021 and Teaman-RT v2021 images released. This

Graphic-pppoe-client - GTK Graphic PPPoE/PPTP/3G/Mobile Client

Графиче�кий клиент "GTK Graphic PPPoE/PPTP Client" дл� PPPoE/PPTP/ADSL/3G/GPRS �оединений. Graphics package for PPPoE/PPTP/ADSL/3G/GPRS connections. Conducts and displays real-time statistics, allows connect/disconnects from the network provider. Includes a billing traffic. Client interface in two language: English/Russian. ---- Клиент умеет �читать трафик за �е��ию, за ве�ь период. Позвол�ет добавл�ть н