Passive Privacy System

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The Passive Privacy System (PPS) aims to create three items to enable universal, transparent encryption of email (and the key exchange required to do that): a specification which will eventually become an RFC; a reference library; and a set of modificatio



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Docs-up - Documents Uploader

Open your docs at Google Docs! This small tool will integrate DOC, PPT, PPS and XLS files to this program and when you open one of these files they will be uploaded to Google Docs and opened there.

Fracsnetpps - Progressive Play System []

InfoProgressive Play System(PPS) is a server-side script system originally written for the game Soldat. It allows for a smooth transition from beginner to a 'pro' player in a game with a steep learning curve. Language: PHP Detailed Info: Stats home: Original Concept+Code by Arthur, B.(aka ]{ing) <>

Scoreos - An open source fantasy sports management system

The ProjectThe SCORE OS Project is a collaborative effort to develop an open source fantasy sports management system (FSMS). PrototypesThe first prototype is Pre Pro Sports (PPS) Fantasy College Football League Manager, Version 5.0, which is run on a WISA (Windows, IIS, SQLServer, ASP.NET) software stack. The PPS software is exclusively licensed. The second prototype is the Pre Pro Hoops South (PPHS) College Basketball League Manager, Version 2.0, which runs on a WIAA

Pgmigrate - Database migration tool

The pgmigrate tool is developed for managing changes in database structure between a project members. It does so by managing so called 'patches'. Small pieces of SQL or Python code which modifies database schema. So far it supports only PostgreSQL. See GettingStarted for details PS: So far only for PostgreSQL. Any efforts for adding support of other databases will be appreciated. PPS: If you are using it in your projects please click I use this at project page. Start

Pyphyssim - Python Physics Simulation (PPS)

An in progress educational physics simulation program written in Python. The mathematics capability of Sage, the free open-source mathematics program, is used. This program will be able to be run locally on a computer, or on-line from a remote server. This requires a GUI front-end written in Java or JavaScript. After completion, this project will be submitted to the Sage development team for inclusion in Sage, so that users will be able to seamlessly interact with PPS with Sage, a powerful compu


A windows console program which connects to a GPS receiver over an RS232 serial port and synchronizes the PC time to UTC time from GPS. Coarse sync is achieved using serial data messages. Fine sync is achieved using the GPS pulse per second (PPS) output.

Webos-eclipse-plugin - A webOS plugin for eclipse

webOS Eclipse Plug-inInfoThe webOS Eclipse Plug-in is design to speed the development of webOS applications. For a tutorial on installing the Plug-in you can visit Palm preSchool. Update Site Just create a new "remote site" in the Eclipse update manager, using the above location, to install the webOS Eclipse plug-in. Learn MoreVisit Palm preSchool to learn more about webOS applications, find tutorials and keep up with