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PPort is a simple yet handy automation program and its documented counterpart for interfacing a PC with external devices. With this bundle, one can control any household appliance or electronic device with minimal hassle and practically no changes




Related Projects

Intelogis PassPort Drivers

pport1 is a set of drivers for the Intelogis PassPort power line networking product. PassPorts are no longer available and are not being supported by Inari (Intelogis renamed itself in 2000).

Cutorrent - A command-line tool for uTorrent

cuTorrent is a simple command-line tool that interacts with remote uTorrent instances through thier webui. uTorrent SetupTo use cuTorrent you must have uTorrent running with the webUI on. For step by step instructions on setting up webUI see this lifehacker's article Usage cuTorrent <options>Options: -h/--help This screen -s/--silent Silent run (ie no output) -l/--upload File or URL of a torrent to upload -t/--hash Hashs of the torrents to modify (separate hashes by commas) -a/--action Action to

Jmemcache-daemon - An implementation of the memcached server running on the Java environment

jmemcachedThis is a Java implementation of the daemon (server) side of the memcached protocol. Memcache is a network accessible key/value storage system, often used as a distributed cache. Jmemcached is functionally equivalent in most respects to (native code) memcached, but is written in pure Java, and is thus suitable for: Portable or Java-only distributions of applications Embedding inside applications Integration testing What would I use it for?A distributed client/server style cache. Some p

devel-patchperl - (perl) Patch perl source a la Devel::PPort's buildperl.pl

(perl) Patch perl source a la Devel::PPort's buildperl.pl


Ruby module for basic reading and writing to the parallel port on a variety of platforms.


A graphical utility for scripting parallel port events. *DEPRECATED* last version used as code base for IgnitionScript https://scottaj@github.com/scottaj/IgnitionScript.git