Managing Y2K Margins in Visual Basic v4

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Y2K was the common abbreviation for the year 2000 software problem. The abbreviation combines the letter Y for "year", and k for the Greek prefix kilo meaning 1000; hence, 2K signifies 2000. It was also named the Millennium Bug because it was associated with the (popular, rath...



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Ppi-issue-manager - PPI Framework - PPI Issue Manager

This is the issue manager that's powering the ppi framework. PPI Framework: here PPI Skeleton App: here

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The issue tracker for the PPI framework. Official link: Framework link: IRC: irc://

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This is the forum that's powering the PPI Framework's forum. Hosted at

Ppymilter - Pure Python Sendmail Milter Framework

Pure python milter (mail filter) interface that is not based on the c libmilter code. PpyMilter is akin to the perl pmilter but for python. PpyMilter's run as standalone processes and talk directly with a milter compatible MTA (sendmail, postfix2.4+) over network sockets. Two stand-alone socket servers are provided: one single-threaded asynchronous server and one threaded socket server. A milter base class ppymilter.PpyMilter is provided that allows milter authors to simply override the callback

Ppi-server - physical port interface server and client

The ppi-server project is an C++ linux based server for x86/x64 architecture, controlling external devices and displays data on an java thin-client using the SWT/JFace-Librarys.

Prolivis - PROtein protein interaction Literature Visualization

We provide both the PPI subgraphs for each publications and user friendly visualization tool. The tool is free and source code requires QT C++ 4.6.1 and over. For the production of graphs we use open source OGDF C++ library. PROLiVis supports BioGRID PPI database for now and you can have in tool access to UniProt and Gene Ontology to obtain more information about proteins. News 20 July 2010: We are online at google code. The working version of PROLiVis will be available soon. Screenshots


A shopping list application for mobile devices written in python; requires PPyGUI and PythonCE .

Perlipse - eclipse dltk perl editor

perl editor built upon eclipse's dynamic languages toolkit ( current release: 1.0.2 download here or install using the update site. requires dltk core release 3.0 and eclipse 3.7, which may be acquired here. java 1.6 is also required. download active state's dbgp engine here note: it should be noted that as an actual editor, this plugin is still rather lacking at the moment (details), however, it does work rather well as a debugger, albeit some minor limitations. ppi

Robinviz - Reliability Oriented Bioinformatic Networks Visualization

OverviewWe present our PPI network visualization system RobinViz (Reliability Oriented Bioinformatic Networks Visualization) which is designed to visually aid the prediction and verification processes of such networks. Embedding both the reliability (confirmation) values associated with the interactions and the verification data pertaining to them within a visualization model is a novel feature of the system. RobinViz is a free, open-source software protected under GPL. It is written in C++ and