Python Publishing Accessories

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PPA (Python [Object] Publishing Accessories) is a library of python modules useful to build web publication systems.



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Debppa - Debian Personal Package Archive

DebPPA (Debian PPA) is the same as the Ubuntu PPA, but for Debian. It's in development with the aim of having the exact same functionality as the Ubuntu PPA. Please follow the links in my initial email for the motivation and goals of this project. See the Installation wiki page (on the right panel) for documentation. I am currently working on: and I will merge debppa with svnbuildstat. This will provide the service we need and much more. Please, join us as wel

PHPPhotoAlbum (PPA)

PHPPhotoAlbum (PPA)

Myepes - Epes is an organizer for TV Shows

Epes isa simple organizer for TV Shows. It helps you remember which shows you follow and the last episode you saw. Also it fetch for you informations about the shows and tells you if new episodes are available :) UBUNTU PPA AVAILABLE!!! To install on ubuntu simply open a terminal and write: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:epesteam/ppasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install epesYou will find epes under Accessories menu. InstallationGuide

Gtkfilesplitter - A simple file splitter/joiner written in Python, Glade and PyGTK

Versión en español About GtkFileSplitterGtkFileSplitter is a simple desktop application made to split files in smaller pieces, and to join file pieces to form the original files; its similar to other programs such as Hacha (Axe) or HJSplit. Thanks to volunteers, it has language support for Czech, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. It requires Python, GTK and Glade, which come with default install on several Linux distros (ie. Ubuntu), but can even

Tvdownloader - Software to retreive podcasts and videos from French websites

This project uses Python and Qt to create a small software to download podcasts and videos from French websites. It uses plugins to enlarge software possibilities. TVDownloader est un projet qui a pour but de permettre le téléchargement de podcasts et d'émissions librement disponibles sur Internet. On retrouvera, en autre, les podcasts de grands groupes radio comme Radio France ou télévisuel comme France Télévision. Un système de plugin a été mis en place pour permettre à tous d'ajout

Apt-add - An Easier and Lazier APT Tool

IntroductionIt is a Python script about APT system. With APT-ADD, it will be easier and lazier to handle your source lines and keys. And you can rebuild or recover your environment of packages quickly : ). EasierInstalling a software from a third-party source just in one command! Example: sudo apt-add 'deb jaunty main' 009ED615 shutter+ Of cource, if you want, you can also jostle more softwares ,sources lines or keys into one command. If APT warns that

Glade2script - Interface graphique GTK glade depuis un script bash, python ou autre

Project in development since April 2010. It allows for a script (bash, python or other) to interact with a GUI created with glade. Most of the opportunities offered by GTK are available. A terminal (vte) and/or webkit are integrable. One can also embed an external application that supports it natively, like mplayer or gvim. A plugin system was added to extand G2S capability. If the glade2script-doc package is installed (from deb or ppa), you can access the documentation by typing "glade2script-d


Desktop wallpaper management application for Gnome. Cortina changes wallpapers by time. It works as an tray application with an configuration interface. It works great under Ubuntu Lucid and all other gnome using distributions.Cortina is a lightweigh Repository: ppa:cs-sniffer/cortina

pnm2ppa - HP PPA GhostScript printfilter

pnm2ppa is a Ghostscript print filter which allows owners of HP DeskJet 710C, 712C, 720C, 722C, 820Cse, 820Cxi, 1000Cse, or 1000Cxi printers to print PostScript Level 2.