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PHProxy is a web HTTP proxy programmed in PHP meant to bypass firewalls and access otherwise inaccessible resources (i.e. blocked websites). If the server this script is run on can access a resource, so can you!



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Tomcat-lsd - Tomcat template for Large Scale Deployments

WARNING : this site is not about LSD drug :) This project is a packaged installation of Apache Tomcat useful if you need to deal with a lot of Tomcat instances. It is based on a Filip Hanik recommendations ( THIS IS NOT a modified version of Tomcat. I guarantee that the Tomcat is original. Why you need it : because you have many apps, you want to separate them and you want to have one app per tomcat (which is ea

Encrypt-phproxy - encrypt phproxy xxtea mbstring utf2html 加密 编� UNICODE 代� 在线代�

PHProxyå·²ç»�å�œæ­¢äº†å¼€å�‘,这里å�‘布的是PHProxy 0.5b2çš„è¡�生版,在其基础上多了一个 “加密 html æº�ç �â€�选项,ä¸�选的时候输出UNICODE,看ä¸�到汉字;选了之å�Žï¼Œè¾“出用XXTEA加密å�Žå�ˆç”¨BASE64ç¼–ç �的字符,ä¸�过,会使客户端JS解密时消耗CPU。在URL的处ç�†ä¸Šç”¨äº†XXTEA+BASE64,这个å�ªèƒ½æ˜¯åœ¨æœ�务端解密。ä¸�管是å�¦åŠ å¯†è¾“出时数æ�®éƒ½æ˜¯åŽ‹ç¼©çš„。 之所以对输出数æ�®ä½œå¤„ç�†ï¼Œæ˜¯ä¸ºäº†åº”对中国日益加剧çš

Superwebproxy - SuperWebPoxy by dionipe basicly from Squid/2.7Stable

Super Web Proxy is basicly from Squid/2.7 Stable 9 adopted is implemented on ubuntu Key ChangesOpenSSL related compilation issue on some systems introduced in 2.7.STABLE8. Configure failed to detect certain system libraries on some systems, resulting in compilation failures either in Squid or helpers. Squid 2.7.STABLE9 changes

poxy_client - Ruby client for Poxy, a weird service to capture requests, and do stuff with them.

Ruby client for Poxy, a weird service to capture requests, and do stuff with them.


A proxy written in Go


A toy proxy application in Clojurescript

poxy2 - A powerfull proxy in PHP

A powerfull proxy in PHP


A fork of the poxy project (a web proxy written in PHP). Deploy on your server, and avoid internet censorship. Free the culture!