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Provides battery,temperature,ac,cpufreq (SpeedStep,Powernow!) control and monitoring. Proper suspend to disk/ram and standby by shell hooks that are easy to extend. APM and ACPI machines are supported equally. For laptops as well as for workstations.




Related Projects

Power-save - Save power when PC is not in use

This Project will save power when PC is not in use for more than a configured amount of time. Though in Windows XP one can configure the PC to hibernate/suspend after some time of inactivity, there is no way of user to stop a power-save action at the last. This programs also collects the power-off/hibernate-suspend time in a centralized DB for statistics on amount of power saved in an organization.

Thinkv - Small application to get the most out of your Lenovo ThinkPad

This application gives you all the useful customizations for your ThinkPad. You can think of it as the Linux equivalent of the ThinkVantage/Access IBM/ThinkPad program. Every contribution/conrtibutor is welcome! (Planned) FeaturesToggle touchpad (works, but should work with Fn+F8 as well) Battery settings: start/stop charge thresholds, power-saving by removing modules, etc Shortcuts for applications Give tips like hdaps, thinkfinger

Gpower - A gtk based power management tool for laptops

A tool/framework to compliment (or possibly replace) laptop_mode by providing a gtk based program that allows novice users to select a power savings profile such as "Max Performance" or "Max Power Savings" while still letting advanced users fine tune individual aspects of the profile. The software consists of a gtk gui (in perl), simple "module" descriptions that define a particular power saving feature, how to detect it and what to do if the user enables the feature and the associated scripts t

Cops - Corporate Office Powersaving Solution

Corporate Office Powersaving Solution

Rocks-solid - Rocks Solid - Extension to ROCKS cluster that make your cluster more solid!

NEWS14/2/09 - Rocks Solid 0.5 beta is released. You can download it from downloads page. This release featured ROCKS5 support Torque support (scheduler = torque). Also, PBSPro partial support (scheduler = pbs). No hard dependency on SQLAlchemy anymore. You can safely ignore all foundation-*.rpm (if you don't want accounting part) Database schema change. Now cluster-powersave is separated into cluster-powersave (green computing) and cluster-status-acct (node status accounting tool) cluster-reset-

Shutdowncmd - tell windows shutdown or suspend after some time

If you know some program or download will take some time to finish, you can use this command line to suspend/shutdown your computer after a specified amount of time. The program will also make the computer speakers beep to warn you that it will suspend/shutdown. great for not leaving your computer on all night but still being able to go to sleep!

Qpowertop - Qt based UI for PowerTop tool from lesswatts.org

PowerTOP is a Linux tool that finds the software component(s) that make your laptop use more power than necessary while it is idle.QPowerTop is a graphical extension for PowerTOP project replacing ncurses based UI with Qt interface.And it is planned to integrate this into KDE environment by developing as KDE application.

Theentropyworks - avr and arduino projects.

The Entropy Worksprojects, typically of a blinky nature, for arduino and other avr platforms. MENEpovA minipov3 built with ultra-violet leds. It has a built-in 5x7 font and room for over 900 characters of display text. When passed over a phosphorescent surface it deposits glowing strings of text which, then, slowly fade away. The firmware provides simple examples of the use a timer interrupt and powersaving features on an attiny2313. Download the code. Cootie Cage A 4x4x4 charlieplexed led cube

Xmega-qrp - A low power (QRP) HF Telemetry system based around the Atmel AT-XMega Microprocessor.

A common problem with remote sensor systems is the retrieval of data. Satellite-based systems are expensive, as is travelling to the sensor. Thankfully, ionospheric propagation comes to the rescue! Radio signals below 30MHz can easily bounce off the ionosphere, travelling thousands of kilometres using only a few watts of transmit power. Based around an Atmel XMega Micro-Controller and using Direct Digital Synthesis techniques, this project aims to provide a reliable low power HF telemetry system