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XMLSlideShow (XSS) is an XHTML based slideshow and presentation tool. Designed for Firefox gt; 1.5 XSS provides many features, that are known and valued in other presentation software.




Related Projects

The CvsGui project

The CvsGui project is providing several high-end interface clients (WinCvs, MacCvs, gCvs) written in C++ using popular frameworks (MFC, PowerPlant, GTK+) with a scripting support via Python or TCL.

PowerPlant Frameworks

Open Sourced PowerPlant Framework for Mac OS and Mac OS X developed by Metrowerks. Includes PowerPlant, PowerPlantX and Constructor. This framework has been released to open source by Freescale

Ooccollider - A parallel out-of-core renderer with data load-balancing using the c-Collision protoco

OOC-ColliderThis framework will serve as a foundation for my diploma-thesis. This project is under strong construction and is subject to frequent change. Requirements to get this baby to compile: a decent linux system running X boost-lib (Version 1.38.0) openMPI-lib (v1.3.1) a decent nvidia GPU (at least with ShaderModel 3) OpenGL >= 2.0 freeglut-lib (v2.4.0) alternatively: GLFW (http://glfw.sourceforge.net) glew-lib (v1.5.1) nvidia's cg-toolkit (v2.1) LUA to script the load-balancing strategies


Simulated Hydroelectric powerplant. Used for testing interfaces and ancillary controls.


A C++ implementation to the ROADEF 2010 competition (http://www.roadef2010.fr), about the scheduling of powerplants usages and refuels in france.

powerplant - Flash adaptation of a card game, Power Plant. Work in progress.

Flash adaptation of a card game, Power Plant. Work in progress.