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The powerpc-utils package provides a set of tools and utilities and utilities for maintaining and enabling certain features of Linux on Power.




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drench and rst have moved to GitHub. Tweag \\Tweag\\, Tweague \\Tweague\\, n. A pinching condition; perplexity; trouble; distress. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] (1913 Webster) tweag/net: Requirements: libnet, libpcap These utilities were written under NetBSD. They work under Mac OS X and should work under any BSD. Some minor changes needed to work under Solaris and Linux. tweag/net/drench: Flood a service using stateless TCP connections. Example: drench -i en1 -d -p 3689 -r 3 -c 100 tweag/n

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powerpc-utils - Utilities for PowerPC platforms

Utilities for PowerPC platforms