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powermated is a program for controlling and monitoring your computer with the Griffin PowerMate USB dial. It can also update the PowerMate's LED based on a number of events including system mixer volume, CPU usage, XMMS/BMP sound output, and more!




Related Projects

Gizmo Daemon

Gizmod is a utility for enabling alternative input devices to be used in Linux. This includes such devices as the PowerMate USB dial, fancy keyboards and mice with buttons not recognized or supported by X. Gizmod allows per application event mappings.

Iousbhiddriver-descriptor-override - Enables modification of USB HID devices' report descriptors

IOUSBHIDDriverDescriptorOverride is a kernel extension that allows customization of the HID descriptor reported by USB HID devices to the Mac OS X HID system. Perhaps an example is in order. The version of the Griffin PowerMate I own sends it's rotational data as relative (meaning it sends "-1", "+2", etc. each time it's twisted), but it's HID descriptor reports it as absolute data (meaning a bunch of -1's over time would be interpreted as "no movement" instead of "turning slowly to the left").

Bignumber-billjeff - C++ Based Number Class

IntroductionThis is a C++ based big number class. I host this project just for fun. There are some powerful libs for high precision arithmetic operations such as GMP. I hope to improve my coding ability through this project. LogJan/8/2008 - Update wiki page. Jan/16/2008 - BigInt Class, write the souce code for ctr for arguments such as string/C-string/int etc and test the code. Jan/29/2008 - Implement add/minus function for int( class BigInt ). Jan/31/2008 - Implement and debug for add operation

powermate - haskell-powermate event bindings

haskell-powermate event bindings

rotomatic - control audio and music with a griffin powermate

control audio and music with a griffin powermate

node-powermate-launcher - An application laucher by Griffin PowerMate

An application laucher by Griffin PowerMate

powerTunes - MPD control via Griffin PowerMate

MPD control via Griffin PowerMate

node_powermate - Node module to parse the Griffin PowerMate *linux only*

Node module to parse the Griffin PowerMate *linux only*


Use a Griffin PowerMate with Rhythmbox on Linux


The official Powermate API, as well as a hacked-up version of their demo program that provides Wave output control.