Scalable Network Management System

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Scalable Network Management System's purpose is to simply development which suite for hurge network environment.



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Util to show battery status and cpu speed on laptop. Uses jWMI's for interfacing with Windows' WMI.

Playevery60 - Example of how to implement service that plays short audio file every 60 seconds.

Example of how to implement service that plays short audio file every 60 seconds. This should be tested with screen off and usb cable disconnected. NOTE: before running the app, please copy note.wav from ./assets folder to your root sdcard folder. Basically it should be copied as /mnt/sdcard/note.wav (this is hardcoded path for audio file).

Wol-powermanager - Manages sending of WOL-Packages in Mediaportal

About WOL-PowerManager PluginWOL-PowerManager is a plugin for MediaPortal, an open-source media center application. The WOL-PowerManager plugin, allows you to specify diffrent computers in your network that will automatically be woken-up over LAN when you enter a predefined plugin-window in Mediaportal. If you have stored your movies, series, music or other files on a NAS or server, WOL-PowerManager will give you a fully automatic opportunity to awake your network storage if needed and turn it i

Miso-display - Keep your display alive

Temporarily prevent Windows from starting the screensaver or putting the display to sleep. This is useful when watching video which doesn't prevent the screensaver kicking in---like YouTube, online lectures or 4OD---or for keeping your display active when discussing something in a meeting. The application puts an icon in your system tray which can be clicked to enable or disable the screensaver and display power-management. When the application quits, it re-enables both the screensaver and displ

Pmsoft - 'PMSoft' is a client-server application providing a mechanism to reduce power consu

'PMSoft' is a client-server application providing a mechanism to reduce power consumption of PCs by putting them into 'sleep' mode and waking them up when necessary for maintenance, updates, etc...

Purdue-helps - Purdue High Efficiency, Low Power Systems (HELPS) Group

HELPS develops the technology to improve the energy efficiency and to reduce power consumption of computing systems. Our research includes computers, robots, sensor networks, mobile communication, and embedded systems.

Toggler - Android program to toggle wifi, gps, and set screen brightness

Android program to toggle wifi, gps, and set screen brightness. It's a full activity, not a widget. Supports the 1.5 API. Yes, this is a shameless clone of PowerManager. BTW: This is the exact same app listed as "Toggle ME" in the android market. Please note: The "author" of "Toggle ME" just downloaded this code and is selling it. DO NOT PAY FOR IT. This code always has been and always be FREE.

Powerreminders - Location and Event driven reminders, with advanced power management.

Power Reminders This application provides location and event driven reminders with advanced power management algorithms. The location reminders enable indoor and outdoor location based reminders. The Event reminders enable to register a reminder to system events, like incoming and outgoing calls, application start , etc. In Addition the system uses power management algorithms to enable extended use of the application as a background service. Description and how to use

Hpcgreenmanager - Dynamic power supervisor program

The power consumption of a typical High Performance Computing system is very high due to various factors. These include power consumption of the execution nodes,networking components, servers and above all cooling requirements. HPC these days are considered as white elephants because of the fact that the running cost overruns the cost of the system during its life time. The proposed system is designed to manage the power consumption of HPC and make it Green.