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Related Projects

PPC/Linux for NuBus Power Macs

To develop and maintain a port of PowerPC Linux for Apple NuBus Power Macintoshes, PowerBooks, Performas and compatibles.


A modified version of Apple's trackpad device driver that allows for two-finger scrolling on most Aluminum PowerBook and G4 iBook models introduced before 2005.


FingaMIDI is a replacement trackpad driver for G4 PowerBooks and second-generation (white) iBooks (G3 and G4) that allows the trackpad to be used as a 3-axis MIDI controller.

Free Focused Scroll

Advanced trackpad driver to support Apple Powerbooks and iBooks using ADB trackpads. Adds circular scrolling, scrolling areas and hotspots by running the pad in absolute mode.

Rgm3800py - Access Royaltek RGM-3800 and compatible GPS datalogger

Hinweise auf Deutsch stehen weiter unten auf dieser Seite! Access Royaltek RGM-3800 and compatible GPS dataloggerWith this command line utility you can: Dump tracks off your RGM-3800 GPS datalogger in NMEA and GPX format. List tracks with information. Configure logging format and interval. Check memory usage. Erase all tracks. This tool was tested with MacOS X, Linux and Windows. You only need a decent Python interpreter (version 2.4 or newer, 2.3 might also do) and a PL2303 USB driver (included

Syntropymac - Game for Mac OS X

Syntropy Genre: Survival/Action/Platformer Game Description: You play as an alien trying to survive an attack on your home world. You have to absorb the elements found in your surroundings to get through each level. Think fast, as the super being “Desumere� consumes your planet! Design Document Wiki Tools Used: REALbasic, Photoshop, and Spriter (custom tool) Hardware: Intel iMac 2.4 Ghz, and a Powerbook G4

Keymatcher - This extends and speeds up Google Keymatch through lexicographical trie matching, aggre

IntroductionVisit onebox for the "one touch" appliance-centric download and deployment guide Visit key word wiki for weighted key word information The current page provides a wiki about code, performance, implementation, and alternate downloads. This svn may get updated before the above-mentioned builds See applications for interesting new applications of the keymatch, such as score optimization in Scrabble Baseline performance is between ten and a hundred times faster than a naive hash based ap

apmud - Power Manager daemon for Apple PowerBooks

Power Manager daemon for Apple PowerBooks

pbbuttonsd - Daemon that handle the special hotkeys of an Apple iBook, Powerbook or TiBook

Daemon that handle the special hotkeys of an Apple iBook, Powerbook or TiBook


This Ruby gem reads data from the sudden motion sensor inside most Intel-based Macbooks and Macbook Pros and some late model Powerbooks.