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Rcg - Rails Cairngorm Genaretor

Generate Cairngorm VO and Model from ActiveRecord.

Javascript-cairngorm-bridge - Details of using javascript to dispatch cairngorm events to your Flex

This project has been moved to: https://launchpad.net/javascript-cairngorm-bridge

Zamfcairngormgenerator - A Code Generator that will turn a Zend AMF web service into Cairngorm files

ZAMFCairngormGenerator is 2 files: ZAMFExplorer.php and ZAMFCairngormGenerator.mxml. Place ZAMFExplorer.php in your web services directory. Build ZAMFCairngormGenerator.mxml as a new AIR application. Run ZAMFCairngormGenerator. Input your ZendAMF gateway (Endpoint?) URI. Input the name of your web service. Input the path to the local directory where you want the generated cairngorm files to be placed. Press go.

CairngormFlex Assistant

CairngormFlex Assistant creates all class infrastructure need for using Cairngorm framework in Flex application. It decreases development time and manual source manipulation. Update will be soon.

Flexamfphpcairngormgenerator - A tool written in php that will reverse engineer a flex 2x app with p

Little summer project my team worked on during our free cycles. Basically it's a php application that will reverse engineer dao classes,value objects and data entry views in php and Flex 2.01, using amfphp 1.9x. On the Flex side we incorporate the cairngorm application structure. More information can be found at : http://www.crazedcoders.com/php/codegen.php

Coconut - Flex framework and poc

Coconut milk will be a small framework on simplifying client code, async calls, forms, etc, as much as possible without going too much into a struts style of developing (think struts/cairngorm disasters) but still respecting the MVC, just with less boilerplate. There will be a small POC using flex/coconut milk and server side backend using graniteds.

Pdfplayer - after "pdf2swf" then display it.

First off,using swftools to convert pdf to swf. Next,using flex display and controll it.