Power beat

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Power Beat est un freeware qui permet d'eacute;couter et d'enregistrer les radios sur internet. Simple, leacute;ger, autonome et rapide ce logiciel gratuit ne prendra que tregrave;s peut de place sur votre disque dur.




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Midi-dot-net - A library for MIDI programming in C# / .NET.

OverviewThis .NET library provides convenient, threadsafe access to MIDI devices. It does this by binding to the Win32 API with P/Invoke and then wrapping that in an object-oriented API which feels right at home in C# / .NET. For a taste of what the API offers, check out the example snippets. FeaturesMIDI Easy access to MIDI input and output devices. Register input handlers using C# events / delegates. Full support for sending and receiving Note On, Note Off, Control Change, Program Change, and

Connect4neuralnetwork - Intelligent Connect Four agent utilizing neural networks

Connect Four Allen Brubaker, Jason Long 12/15/2010 COMP 520: Advanced AI, Dr. Sukmoon Chang Pennstate Harrisburg University Abstract Various reinforcement learning techniques were applied to the game of Connect Four to develop a viable artificial agent that was shown to perform well against human players. Utilizing a back-propagation neural network able to adjust momentum and learning rates on the fly, these techniques were taken from the temporal difference class of methods and applied to the g

Simp-engine - Simplre Search engine

It's a similar to google search............ I want to develop some powerful algorithm to beat other search engines.... .............. I can................

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Project UppercuT"Professional builds in moments, not days!"UppercuT is a conventional automated build for .NET. UppercuT is the insanely easy to use build framework. Try it out right now!UppercuT now has a gem. This lowers the barrier to entry to start using it on a system. UppercuT is still .NET (it's just using gems for delivery as a new option in addition to source code and the downloads). Note: To use gems you must have Ruby 1.8.6+ and Gems 1.3.7+ installed. Open a command line and type gem

Wc3ai - AI tools for Warcraft III

Anti-suho is a mod/tool for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne made to improve the computer AI of the game in many possible ways. We intend to make a human like opponent (as skillful as a real professional player) that react on events and tries to insult you by chat taunts while playing in a more human like way. The ultimate goal is to make a human like opponent that can beat the professional player WE.SuhO , and that is why we give it the name `anti-suho'. This Project is powere

Brainwave-entrainer - Cross-platform brainwave entrainment software

This project aims to create a comprehensive, powerful, cross-platform software application for brainwave entrainment. Features to be included: Library of official brainwave entrainment sessions Community library of brainwave entrainment sessions Sessions editing/Creation White Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, etc. \t \t \t \t Binaural Beats \t\t\t\t\t Monaural Beats Background sounds Sound Modulation (Ebmedding Entrainment) Isochronic Tones Multiple Tracks AudioStrobe Compatibility Screen Flashin

Cosmoscroll - SFML-based shoot 'em up game.

What is Cosmoscroll ?Cosmoscroll is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game, written in C++ and using the SFML library. This space shooter features different spaceships, weapons, power-ups and levels. Two game modes are proposed: Story Mode: complete all levels, beat the final evil boss and unlock the hardcore version! Arcade mode: hold as long as possible against more and more powerful bad guys and try to establish a new high score. You can now share your high score online! Arcade Mode Story M

Cardioshield - ECG Shield and Software for the uLCD-32PT Touchscreen display

CardioShieldSoftware and front-end circuitry for the uLCD-32PT 3.2" touchscreen display made by 4D Systems. Implements a hobby-grade 3-lead electrocardiogram. Presented as an example application for the uLCD-32PT LCD display unit. Not intended for diagnosing or treating any medical condition. WARNING: If you decide to build one of these, you must only operate it on battery power, with the programming cable disconnected, when the leads are attached to your skin. This is to insure you can never be

Vectra - Addictive, unique 2D half arcade-style game with 3D OpenGL engine.

Vectra is a freeware open-source 2d arcade style game with a very unique style of gameplay. There is a cylinder with 8 rails, and coloured cubes and glowing electro spheres appear on the far end of the tube and comes towards the player, who presses the corresponding colour and/or keys to destroy them. After the player beats normal mode, s/he unlocks expert and insane mode, with 1.4x the speed and 2.0x the speed respectively, making the gameplay suddenly become a lot harder. Vectra uses an OpenGL