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Pothos is an iptables log analyzer. It is used to interpret, in a user-friendly fashion, the logs that ulogd creates with it's MySQL plugin. It's main objective is to be efficient, leaving as small a foot-print as possible.




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Kres - The KRES and KOVE models of human category learning

This is a repository for the KRES (Knowledge Resonance) and KOVE (Knowledge ALCOVE) models of human category learning. The core code is in Matlab, with additional components written in Perl and R. References: Harris, H. D. & Rehder, B. (in preparation) Knowledge and Resonance in Models of Category Learning and Categorization. In Pothos, E. & Wills, A. (Eds.) Formal models of categorization . Rehder, B. & Murphy, G. L. (2003) A knowledge-resonance (KRES) model of category learning. Psychonomic Bu

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